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Meet Tanvi Kapoor the Florida Born, California based blogger taking her fashion style to the boardroom offering viewers a glimpse into her corporate lifestyle and passion for passion. For more read our exclusive interview with Kapoor.




Describe a regular day?

My day starts with Harry (our puppy) with loads of kisses and ends the same way. In between, I do my daily Instagram post and engagement in the morning. I go to my full time day job as a project engineering Manager. I work for the number one defense company in the world, so I get to work on really cool projects every single day. Once the work hours are over, I go straight home to walk Harry and hang out with my family. We cook and do our regular chorus for the day.  I spend a few hours each night answering emails, working on editing, writing a blog post, or reading about upcoming trends. My husband Harsh is a big fan of TV shows, so I indulge in his hobby with him right before sleeping.


What made you decide to become a fashion blogger?

I have always been interested in fashion. However, a career in fashion was not really encouraged in the school system. I never knew that it was even an option. I knew I wanted fashion to be a part of my life, but did not know where or how that puzzle would fit in. Then came the blogging phenomena. I was watching it. I kept up with it, but I didn’t have the guts to go for it. I was taking many engineering classes, working at an internship and a full time job to keep me occupied 24/7, so realistically did not believe I could commit the time to run a blog that would have an impact.  My husband, whom I recently married, pushed and supported me to start blogging. He is the pillar of strength, motivating me to do better each day.


What are you currently inspired by?

Currently, I am inspired by New York Fashion week, in which they are showcasing the 2017 collection. I can just see the changes in trends. My favorite one so far has been Tommy X Gigi collection. I just loved how Tommy Hilfiger gave a new look and trendy vibe to the collection. I am looking forward to how everyone is going to style these beautiful pieces. 



How would you define luxury?


To me, luxury is the ability to escape the daily routine. It is the comfort of being able to go for a walk on the beach or reading a book in your favorite café. It is a state of mind where I have nothing but love and happiness. It is seeing my family who live far away. It is going to brunch with my husband and puppy in La Jolla coves. It is reading other fashion blogger’s post or engaging with them.


Where is your all time favourite travel destination and why?


Venice, Italy – It feels like another world, where there is no societal pressures or chaotic schedules. It is where one can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. It is where one can sit on the sidewalk, and drink wine with friends anytime of the day. It feels like paradise to me.


Where to next?


Dubai, I am looking forward to exploring the city. Dubai is called shopping capital of Middle East, so you can already imagine my excitement. I cannot wait to see the topped out skyscrapers. I have a feeling I will be inspired by designs and details in Dubai. And of course, the food.

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