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Using social media to build a growing brand and audience Qatari blogger Abdulla Al Abdulla proves to be one of many new-age influencers showcasing their unique and individual style, lifestyle and travels with their hundreds of thousands of followers. We spoke with him exclusively:



What made you decide to become a digital influencer?


I did not really decide to become an influencer, I stumbled upon it accidentally. People were just very infatuated with my life, and lifestyle over the years that it sort of naturally just happened. Coming from Qatar, and the Middle East, in general, it is very rare for men to be very out there, especially in this field- so I think that’s what made people so interested.



How would you describe your personal style?


I would describe my personal style as classically eclectic if that’s even a thing. I like mixing classic pieces with more fun ones and create looks that aren’t really expected. The thing is about me is that o dress according to a mood or vibe I’m feeling- sometimes I go for more retro looks or more edgy styles and it all depends on how I feel, or the person I wanna be on a given day. So I guess I would just call it ever changing. 



What fashion trend are you currently coveting?


The current trends I am living for at the moment are Cuban Shirts and retro sportswear. 



Who are your fashion inspirations?


My main fashion inspiration would be my mother. It sounds really corny, but I would say that’s where I initially got infatuated with fashion and beautiful things. She is the ultimate icon to me. She is never afraid to stand out, and always looks timeless.



Where do you currently call home?


At the moment it’s so hard to call a specific place home, I bounce around mainly from London, Paris, and Doha... thinking about it now though, I would say London feels the most like home.



You are regularly seen jet-setting around the globe, where is your all-time favourite destination?


It’s really hard to pinpoint a specific destination that I love the most. Growing up I travelled and moved around a lot because my father is an Ambassador. So I like change. But if I were going to pinpoint a city, it would be New York City. It’s the one place in the world I can fully be myself, and it’s a place that never lacks energy. I love bustling cities - I’d never be bored there.



What are 5 items you couldn't live without?


- My favourite pair of python Saint Laurent boots

- Black Saint Laurent slim fit jeans

- Rings, I’m obsessed with rings right now!

- A basic white Alexander wang T-Shirt 

- A great face moisturizer- nothing looks better than glowing skin.


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