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Situated on an elevated plateau along the southern coastline of Bali sits a truly spectacular resort, The Alila Villas Uluwatu. Spanning across over fourteen hectares, upon arrival guests are immediately transported into a realm of peace and serenity.


Alila meaning “surprise” in Sanskrit suitably describes the guest experience upon a chauffeured arrival at the resort where we were immediately inspired by the calm rhythm of life, with all hotel areas intertwining with local species and flora. The hallmark of Alila is the combination of innovative design and luxury in unique locations, set apart by an unprecedented level of private space, personalised hospitality, and destination experiences.


Offering a range of Villas from one to three bedroom, each individually designed space follows an environmentally sustainable framework, with its own private pool and cabana overlooking the Indian Ocean. Whilst a sustainable resort, luxury is not sacrificed with contemporary interiors enhanced with touches of nature and traditional Balinese accents reflecting themes of wood, water, stone, and rattan. Offering open-plan layout villas, including the 3-bedroom residence featuring indoor and outdoor lounge areas and dining, with an expansive garden, cabana and Cliffside swimming pool overlooking the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu.


At Alila, all guests may take advantage of the personalised service offered, with dedicated 24-hour butlers available for each villa. From arrival till our departure Lani, our dedicated butler made it her mission to ensure our experience was nothing short of memorable. Each morning Lani greeted us and took us via buggy to the resort's signature restaurant – Cire located aside the hotels main 50-metre Cliffside swimming pool, offering East Asian flavour’s and ingredients with western-style cooking techniques. Lani proved to be a source of knowledge being a local Bali resident sharing her life, experiences and the Bali way of life.


Offering a unique Bali Experience, a stay at Alila short or lengthy will no doubt leave you salivating to return to the peaceful serenity that is Alila Villas Uluwatu. As one takes in the picturesque sunsets overlooking the Indian ocean and recapping the day of poolside activities, delightful dining, adventurous excursions to local sights or an afternoon of complete zen, at the acclaimed "Spa Alila" there is no such destination like it. 


Apart of the Alila gourmet dining, the resort includes the newly opened Quila Restaurant offering a transformative dining experience presented within an exclusive and private setting. Diners seeking a culinary thrill are taken on an exhilarating ride for all the senses in a daily-changing dinner menu comprising a variety of different plates, artfully tailored by Executive Chef Marc Lorés Panadés. The imaginative use of sound, texture and aroma add other dimensions of sensory stimulation, along with carefully considered wine pairings that elevate the sense of absolute satiation. The exclusive dining experience is limited to a maximum of 10 guests each night within Quila’s intimate five-table indoor setting



The Alila Villas Uluwatu proves to live up to the philosophy: “To stay at any of Alila's hotels or resorts is to embark on a learning journey. Whether recreating the flavours of the local cuisine, enhancing your well-being through ancient healing arts, tasting the thrill of adventure sports or participating in volun-tourism, you'll find life at Alila an inspiration”. 


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