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Offering a rich authentic experience, the Amanjena Marrakech proves to bring the luxury traveller to the roots of the ancient city whilst not failing to compromise on luxury and service.


Designed by architect Ed Tuttle and purpose-built as a resort in 2000, Amanjena still feels convincingly like an ancient Moorish palace. Think huge reflecting pools, squat square villas made of perfect pinkish terracotta plaster and row upon row of highly Instagrammable symmetrical ornate horseshoe arches.


Situated within an oasis of palm and olive trees, Amanjena (which translates to ‘peaceful paradise’) lies just minutes from Morocco’s famous Djemaa el-Fna Square and the UNESCO-protected medina of Marrakech. A moorish heritage is reflected throughout the pisé-walled resort which echoes the style of a sultan’s palace. Featuring 40 exquisite pavilions and mansions many of which include private swimming pools, sprawling courtyards, private butlers, indoor living and dining areas and traditional pillared minza-style outdoor pavilions. Rooms are further adorned with local influences from handmade Berber rugs, traditional lanterns to Moorish style arches and pillars to create a timelessness that transports its guests into the past and explore the rich and diverse history of the region.


Those looking for true relaxation will not be disappointed with the hotel featuring a well-equipped spa, which includes in its offering; two large, heated hammams, a jacuzzi and discreet relaxation area. The invigorating signature treatment, which includes being buffed with natural body scrubs using a traditional loofah-like ‘kessa glove’ followed by relaxing on heated tiles in a detoxifying mud mask is a must-do.


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