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Based in both New York and London, social media celebrity Anil Arjandas proves to be making waves with his cutting edge jewellery to which has caught the attention of the worlds super wealthy in addition to  A list celebrities and glitterati. We spoke exclusively with Anil:

Tell us about your latest collection


I have recently introduced a new material to the world of fine jewellery, which is the sapphire crystal, it is featured in some of my best selling bracelets, such as the multistoppers collection. I have also introduced to my current collections many different semi-precious stones, such as matt hematite, onyx, coral, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase and white agate, once again they are all featured in my best selling bracelets; multistoppers and the new pumped eye collection.

In terms of high jewellery for women, the past year 2015 has been also huge for my brand, as I was celebrating the 15th anniversary of AnilArjandas Jewels. I created a series of unique pieces. These include an exotic, rare emerald ring of 9,48 carats, surrounded by tear drop white diamonds. Unique sapphire earrings framed with white diamonds. Continuing with a series of outstanding rings and earrings, put together with the vibrant emeralds set in 18k rose or black gold.


What made you decide to become a high jeweller?


I was running my own jewellery store and I decided to create my first small collection of fine jewellery  pieces due to a simple reason as there was nothing similar available on the market at that moment. It has worked great in my store and with time I have expanded the concept to many more collections. After such great success of my first pieces of bracelets, a year later in 2000 I have created my first full collection of high jewellery for men and women, in which again I have combined and introduced many uncommon elements that didn’t exist at the time in the field of fine jewellery market, such as, black diamonds, black gold, leather, carbon fibre, oxidised silver.


Why do you think your high end clientele choose Anil Arjandas Jewels?


All of my high end clientele choose Anil Arjandas Jewels because it is something different to your usual and classic fine jewellery brand. We step in line with the fashion and create cutting edge pieces that a customer has never seen before. As mentioned in my previous answers my brand offers uncommon materials that are not on the market and I always come out with something new and exciting, as well as offering made to order services. The design of my boutiques is also a luxury setting, which creates an atmosphere of one to one service for the client, that concentrates on attention to detail and going that extra mile to provide high class customer service, this keeps our clients coming back to us for many years. 


What is luxury to you?


To me luxury is everything that is exclusive and unique, which doesn’t always mean a high price tag. Uniqueness in my eyes is one of a kind like nothing else and exclusivity is something that is catered directly for you, which is already a special luxury.


Where is your all time favourite travel destination and why?


Thanks to my job it involves me travelling a lot all the time but I would say its hard for me to choose one destination. Therefore my all time favourite cities are NY and London. NY for its iconic skyline which makes me feel like I am on a movie set every time I visit this great city. London for its rich history that dates far back, as it is an amazing fast growing cutting edge 21st century city with its own monarchy existing until now.


Where to next?


Of course growing my brand Anil Arjnadas Jewels bigger and more recognisable around the world, as well as keep surprising my clientele with new and unique collections. 

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