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Alexandra Von Furstenberg, a tastemaker, visionary, mother, designer and socialite, has sought to prove you can as cliché as it may sound, have it all.




Following a ten-year career as the Creative Director of her mother in law’s iconic fashion house Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexandra resettling in Los Angeles began dedicated her time to creating unique contemporary furnishings, exclusive to the home.


After her long quest to find pieces for her own home, Alexandra quickly came to forge her own name in luxury lifestyle products. Her pieces include her now signature acrylic based accessories such as bowls and vases as well as unique furniture pieces available in a wide range of vibrant colours. Alexandra states “less is more” which proves to be her principle in life, which she implements within her designs and personal life, allowing seamless function and beauty.  The AVF furnishings and accessories are not only beautiful statement pieces for any home but also make for great gifts in the close approaching holiday season.



When and what made you decide to design and create bold contemporary furniture pieces?


When I moved to Los Angeles, and began furnishing my home, I found myself designing my own pieces because I couldn’t find what I wanted.  Eventually I realized that this is something that I had a passion for and could turn into a business.



Talk us through your design process and your unique style?


First comes the function, then the artistic inspiration which when done together becomes functional art.  I work closely with the top craftsman that are experts in acrylic, to make my ideas become a reality.  It’s a long process for every piece that takes countless hours of trial and error.



What are you currently inspired by?


As an artist, you’re always inspired by the unexpected, but I’ve always been inspired by diamonds and have named many of my pieces after gem cuts.



You currently live in Los Angeles, what made you decide to relocate from New York City?


I have always had a love for Los Angeles, when I would come visit LA prior to living here I always felt this was Home for me. 



Where is your all time favourite travel destination and why?


I love discovering new places I have never been, the adventure in exploring new cities inspires me and sparks my creativity. 



Where to next?


With the winter holidays approaching  I think we are going to go skiing for a week, to enjoy some snow for a change : ) 



You started out in the fast paced world of fashion, what made you choose to transition into homewares and accessories?


It seemed like a natural step and homewares is another form of design that is similar to fashion in many ways.  Being a busy mother of two kids, the slower pace of homewares is certainly a welcomed change, plus I wanted to create items that were more permanent.



What do you believe makes a beautiful home?


"Less is More" has always been a personal rule that I believe in. I love the modern warmth of a zen like environment where everything has it’s place respectful of other pieces and items in the room.  There are so many different types of styles that I appreciate and consider beautiful though - From Modern to Baroque to Country Chic.  Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I believe the common theme when you choose any of those styles to make them beautiful, is making it personal to you and your family. Picking out items such as artwork, accessories, furniture, etc, should all reflect your personality and aesthetics.   

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