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Located on the hilltops of Hamilton Island, overlooking the Australian Coral Sea, Azuris designed by Renato D'Ettorre proves to be an architectural mastepiece responding to the key three elements of light, air and water. We spoke exclusively with Renato.

What was the brief?


Apart from the bare necessities of 3 bedrooms, there was no specific brief. The design evolved organically exploring many possibilities for the client to respond to by way of reviews, revisions and modification until we arrived at the design we both felt responded well to the site, architect's objectives and client's desires.



What were you inspired by?

The tropical climate and the site’s wealth of nuances. The architecture had to embody: complexity and multiplicity to match the site’s complexities and multiplicities.




What are the fundamentals of a Renato D'Ettorre?


Design that relates to the intrinsic qualities of the place.  Relationship between architecture and setting, architecture within a place. 




Where is your all time favourite destination?


Wherever there is a rich history of architecture, traditional lifestyle and a culture still thriving and evocative landscapes.


I try to return annually to my birth town in the Appenine mountains of Abruzzo, where you can experience life in a small village and the many humanistic attributes it has to offer. As a child growing up in a mountain village I was exposed to pristine streams meandering down fields of poppies, delicate forests and distant vistas of snow capped mountains. i.e a feast of visual delights. 


 However, a trip to Venice always reveals new observations, arouses enthusiasm and lifts the spirit, a city of dreams.




How would you define luxury?


Luxury comes with well proportioned interior spaces, controlled natural light and materials that bestow the spaces with emotions.  Physical luxury comes with a good Italian sofa, a good plate of pasta, enjoyed in a walled courtyard open to the sun with the sound of a percolating fountain and a shading tree.

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