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At a recent Private Christies Art Evening, the latest Bugatti Chiron Model stole the show, marking its first mark on American Soil.


With a perfect mold of clean cut lines, the Chiron gives any fine art piece a run for its money with a top speed of 261 Mph, a price tag of 2.7 million USD and a small 500 editions available for purchase, yetmotoring enthusiasts prove to be drooling over this masterpiece with one third of all available sold out.


Bugatti seek to continue to revolutionize the world of super-fast luxury vehicles attempting to break its own Guinness World Record Speed. Director of Design, Stefan Brung’s states “We are still working on it, but of course we want to break our own world speed record”. “The Chiron has 300 more horses, and different aerodynamics. Why not?”


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