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London based socialite and jetsetter Carlo Sestini proves to be the latest edition to the uber exclusive international circles emerging on social media.





With an eye for luxury and fashion, Italian native Carlo Sestini has proven to represent the new age of social media presenting his luxurious and exciting, fast paced lifestyle.


Life is anything but ordinary as he is regularly seen jetting across Europe by his tens of thousands of followers; Sestini represents seamless and casual sophistication as he is often spotted boarding a private jet in Florence or a superyacht in the Mediterranean. A fitness and wellbeing fanatic Sestini’s lifestyle is based on him maintaining regular early morning ridged fitness routines prior to him attending his daily politics and international relations class. Carlo talked to us about all things luxury and lifestyle.



Describe a usual day in the life of Carlo Sestini?


I wake up very early, around 6:30 am, due to the fact that I like to make my self a healthy and nutritious breakfast as well as doing a run or power walk to university to keep my cardio up. Most of the day is then spent in class where I am studying politics and international relations. Where, indeed we discuss and argue hot topics such as the current roles of International organisations and what they do to better the world we live in. Furthermore, we talk about how international communications have affected and united our countries with one another and many more interesting topics. After university, I do a power walk for a good 9.5 km to get to the gym at the Bvlgari Hotel and Spa, where I do have an intense session of either: workouts, yoga pilates or boxing (depending on the day) and tend to go to the gym 5 to 7 times a week. Just to explain gym for me it is not to have or rather attain the beach body, but instead to release stress and learn how to become more flexible and strong, just in order to prevent future problems as I will eventually age. Depending on the days, I do have to get a manicure, facial or massage because I strongly believe that your appearance is very important in order to project your self to people and especially for yourself. After that, I either have events which I do involved with new art exhibitions as I personally love art and fashion. Otherwise dinner with friends or making connections, I'll make my self a light dinner and go have an early sleep in order to tackle the busy and hard days I have ahead. (I do not go clubbing! But rather prefer private clubs, such as Lolous which I'm a member of, or the Arts Club or Annabelle’s and many more, cause im just so over the club scene!


Where do you currently live?


London, but I do travel every weekend to look and learn about the cultures and try different cuisines in our next door countries.


What are you currently inspired by? 


Everything around me! For instance, looking a furniture in portobello, to the new opening of the Gagosian Art Gallery in London. I love the news and am always inspired to read about history of Russia and the world wars. Moreover, I love to do research of garmins and textiles and I love vintage shops that restore and bring them back to life.


Where is your all time favourite destination and why? 


Hayman Island in the north of Australia! The hotel was beautiful and we had phenomenal service. But that was not just it! The water was absolutley beautiful and the weather conditions were optimal. We were also lucky to travel by helicopter to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach. I have no words to describe the place and the feeling I was getting just by observing what was around me. 


Where to next?


Thailand is the next place and I cant wait to visit Phuket and learn about the flora and fauna and the astonishing culture. 



Name your favourite timepiece?


“The Venitian” by Bvlgari. I simply fell in love with that complicated movement. It's a man that is playing with 3 cups and in one he hides a ball and have to find where he hides it. Its simply flabbergasting!


What do you believe sets italian fashion apart from other international designers?


The cuts of the clothes and the so called Sartorial and embroiled elegance that Italian strive at. The geometrical cuts that the jackets have! As well as that, also the specific and and the very curated research that they have in choosing the materials. 


What designer collections are you currently drawn to?


Valentino. love the attention to details and everything embroiled to perfection. Dolce gabbana also due to the attention that they pay in the Sicilian culture and the way they use details and stitching to a very high sartorial elegance, they glorify our culture. Last but not least I love Gucci and the way they through back with their 70’s revisited fashion and super crazy attention to details 


Whats one item you couldn't live without?


Sunglasses, they are what they represent me. I have a unique collection, where I spent time dedicated to finding my type of sunnies. I like to find detailed complicated and high quality sunglasses. The lenses have to be superb and the material for the sunglasses have to be to the highest standard. They change the outfit that you wear and and how YOU look to people. they give you personality and character and create mystery. I always have to have my “darlings" with me!



Define luxury.


Luxury cannot be defined it can only be embraced! Luxury is around us and you cannot control it, you just have to try to live accordingly to it. It is attention to detail, to  thoroughly research in unique materials and adapt them. Luxury is not a way of living its a perspective to intepret life.

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