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From humble beginnings in Hamburg Germany,  global fashion influencer and model Caro Duar has proven to take the world by storm launching her blog 3-years ago she has quickly caught the attention of some of the world’s most prominent high-fashion brands including;  Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Dior, Valentino, Off-White, Adidas, Roger Vivier and Cartier to name a few and with over 2.8 million Instagram followers her influence can’t be ignored. We spoke with the fashion powerhouse about all things fashion and lifestyle:



Describe a typical day in the life of Caro Daur


Are we speaking pre or during Corona because my day-to-day could not be more different. Although the workload has not decreased - something I am very grateful for - instead of answering emails from hotel rooms and planes, I do all my work from home now. I wake up around 8am and head straight to the coffee machine. I like to start my days off with some self-care, so I work out or go for a run (on rare occasions, I even squeeze in some meditation or a yoga session). All the while, however, I’m taking calls and replying to emails and texts. My job is a far cry from a 9-5, so my phone buzzes continuously (airplane mode is a saving grace sometimes). In between such meetings, I produce content. At around 8pm I start winding down and indulge in some me-time or chat with family and friends. I recently got a new TV and I’m a bit hooked - call me a granny, but the features that TVs have to offer these days, blew my mind.


Where do you currently call home?


Hamburg, no doubt! In my opinion, it’s the perfect city (although the weather could be better, I must admit..) Hamburg has always been a constant in my life (my childhood home is on the outskirts) and I’ve consummated this by moving into my first, own apartment last year. With the lockdown in place, I spend much more time there than I anticipated when I moved in and I’m so grateful I have a place to call my own.


How do you get into the world of high-fashion and blogging?


I think consistency is key. If high-fashion - or any type of fashion and art, for that matter – is your passion, make that be heard and do so regularly. Decide on a schedule, so, for example, if it is Youtube, upload a video weekly and if Instagram is the platform of your choice, post a fashion-related image daily. Hard work and dedication pay off, but remember to have fun along the way.


How would you describe your personal style?


Comfort is my prime directive and very much dictates my style. I love dressing up in intricate and more avant-garde fashion from time to time, but in everyday life, I gravitate towards good quality, timeless cuts and staples, such as a pair of Levis jeans, a woolly beanie and a cosy cashmere sweater. I top everything off with gold hoops and a chunky necklace.


Which brands are your currently coveting? 


Dovetailing my previous answer, I’m currently a big fan of functional, almost rustic, clothing brands, such as Carhartt and The North Face. Their clothes are unbeatable in the cold, icy climate of Hamburg.


Who are your fashion mentors?


Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy is an unmatched style icon, in my eyes. A more contemporary pick would be Hailey Bieber - all her streetstyle looks appear incredibly effortless.


What are 5 items you couldn't live without?


A very random selection of things, but here we go: Coffee, my running shoes, chewing gum, lip balm and hair spray (anyone who watches my Instagram stories, knows why, haha).

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