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She’s the rule-breaking interior designer whose bold and magical interiors have captured the eyes of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. For Morris her interior design practice is focused on the artform and narrative that resembles a story unique to its occupier. A recent Florida project saw the global interior design powerhouse create a magical wonderland both inside and out with a resort-style feel. Smitten by its architectural details sprawling layout and unobstructed private ocean views, the design transformation saw her transform the 12,500 square ft, 5 bedroom holiday home to a cool, edgy and sophisticated residence, designed for entertaining. We spoke exclusively with Morris about the project: 

Photography Credits: Brandon Barré

- Tell us a bit more about the Castle Beach Project?


The Lori Morris magic came to life when I added a modern twist with super sexy, unexpected combinations of elements-rich sparkly metals in all colours, contrasting high gloss finishes, ornate custom mouldings, a variety of spectacular light fixtures and custom luxury furniture pieces with a collection of contemporary art. We designed this home to be multipurpose with specifically designated areas for living, entertaining and relaxing with all the amenities our clients expect, so there is no reason to leave.



- What was the brief?


Smitten by its architectural details, sprawling layout and unobstructed private ocean views, our clients wanted to utilize the existing floor plan and highlight its high ceilings, massive windows and generous rooms with an intensive facelift, to resurrect the beauty and character of this impressive Mediterranean estate. Our team was tasked with transforming the 12,500 square ft., 5-bedroom vacation residence to bring it back to its former glory, with a design reinvention in a cool, sexy and sophisticated style. Comfortable, luxurious living with every imaginable amenity was the prerequisite for this beauty by the sea, where family and friends could gather to reconnect for good food, entertainment and music. It must reflect our clients’ individual tastes and incorporate their feminine and masculine personalities.



 - What were you inspired by? 


Nature, the classic elegance of traditional architecture and haute couture fashion always inspire me. This home’s beautiful surroundings of lush greenery, magical pink and purple sunset skies and blues of the ocean provided my palette inspiration and set the stage for creating the luxurious and cohesive allure for this home. It’s about creating a feeling as much as it is about the amenities, so my clients always play an important role in inspiring my design process, bringing their personality and vision to life.  



- What are the fundamentals of a Lori Morris interior? 


My design approach is simple-no rules. I am an artist so design for me has never been about following trends. It’s about my relentless pursuit of beauty without compromise and an unbridled artistic expression, in my own lane. It’s about creating magic. I have always approached each project with a new excitement, eager to transform our clients’ personal visions into living breathing works of art. Each finished space contains so much depth of detail, layering of textures and colours in unexpected ways. It is what makes our interiors so unique and keeps their interest alive, so there is always something new to see and explore.



- How would you describe luxury? 


Luxury means the answer is always yes. It’s what we do.



- What are 4 things you can’t live without? 


My family

My business

My hairdresser


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