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Proving to be one of South Florida’s most successful Real Estate brokers and Television personality , Chris Leavitt is at the top of his game offering a world-class service and lifestyle to discerning clients.




Offering hands on service with proven results, Chris Leavitt is the go to broker for both well-healed buyers in New York City and South Florida, delivering unmatched attention to detail and record-breaking success stories. Leavitt from the East Coast has a “solid reputation as a consummate and performance-driven professional” whereby he continues to represent exclusive developments, commercial projects and significant estates and penthouses. His 20 year success was followed by Monthly Fox Business, he showcases his exemplary persistence as he closes deals and set records. His current listings include the mesmerizing Bristol, located along the West Palm Beach waterfront, with unobstructed water views. The three to five bedroom homes in the sky range from 3,700 to 9,000 square feet. Leavitt representing a collection of exclusive listings also include the limited edition Bath Club Estates in Miami Beach, offering a truly unique lifestyle, featuring 10 tower residences, 2 villas featuring there own private swimming pools and a spectacular penthouse. Leavitt is at the top of his game and shows no sign of slowing down as his continually breaks records and sells the dream.



What made you decide to get into Real Estate?


I was inspired by my father who purchased properties during my childhood.



From your perspective what does the South Florida realestate market offer that has seen such a growing international presence?


Low taxes and incredible lifestyle.



Where are you seeing a great deal of international buyers come from?


Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Russia used to be huge! Now it is a lot more people from Mexico, France, and Colombia.



Tell us about some of your latest listings?


I have recently launched The Bristol Palm Beach, the most awaited project in South Florida. You can go to to see more!



In your opinion what is it the super wealthy require in a home?


The finest finishes available and unobstructed views.



What made you decide to take part in Million Dollar Listing Miami?


Why not! It was a great opportunity.



Finally, what is it that sets you apart from other brokers?


I always put myself into others’ showing them I am compassionate. I also came from 13 years of selling luxury homes in New York City, so I have an edge that others don’t.

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