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Meet Clarisse Lafleur, the granddaughter of former New Caledonian president Jacques Lafleur, currently living in Australia studying business.



Enjoying the beauty and exclusivity of her privately gated home located alongside one of Australia’s most prestigious golf courses, weekends aboard a superyacht in the majestic Whitsundays, a collection of supercars and an enviable closet, meet Clarisse Lafleur. At 18 years of age the grandaughter of one of New Caledonia’s most prominent politicians and businessmen made the brusque move from her home in New Caledonia to the Gold Coast, Australia.


The palatial vacation home has become somewhat more permanent as Lafleur quickly fell in love with the relaxed and luxurious lifestyle it offered. Frequently entertaining her friends and family, the move has become a year-long holiday in addition to Lafleur’s annual vacations around the world.


“Why Australia?” Lafleur says “Well I was born in New Caledonia and its only 2 hours away from Brisbane Australia where my family and I have enjoyed countless vacations”. Whilst her parents choose to live between Paris and New Caledonia, Clarisse and her brother made the decision to move to the Gold Coast to study business. Lafleur hopes to post her study at Bond University get into the multibillion-dollar fashion industry and or work alongside her father and become the brain behind some of the worlds largest and most successful corporations. “It’s the numbers behind all the glitter” she says that she’s most interested in.



Describe the day in the life of Clarisse Lafleur


When I am studying, I usually wake up around 7:50 am. I drink an ice cold lemon green tea and I eat some fresh fruits, before choosing my outfit, and going to morning class. In the afternoon I work out for around an hour and a half before spending some time in the sauna and steam room. Then I'll do my homework, sometimes meeting with some friends, enjoying a dinner out, though I usually try to go to bed early! On the weekend I mostly spend time at the beach, working out and socialising with friends like lunch at the country club or in local hotels, shopping or a day at sea! My parents have a beautiful house in a gated community so I have all the space I want to organize parties and barbeques with my new friends.  I am very thankful and blessed as I am well aware many don't have this luxury. 


When I am on holiday, I usually fly back to New Caledonia or my family organizes trips around the world. On holiday I don’t put an alarm clock because it’s than where I can finally sleep in. Then after my morning routine, I'll usually work out, catch up with friends at my father’s hotel. 



Where do you currently live?


I currently live in Australia, on the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland. It is a beautiful and calm city, it is often very sunny and the beach here is beautiful. By plane, it is only 2 hours away from New Caledonia.



What are you currently inspired by?


I love Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolanda Foster! I think Victoria Beckham is a great businesswoman, Gigi Hadid has a gorgeous style and sense of fashion, she just also looks like a very healthy model and her mother is simply a true inspiration. 



Where is your all-time favourite travel destination?


My all-time favourite travel destination is Paris in summer. I love everything about this city, the food, the fashion, the architecture… 

My friends and my family also live in Paris! Even if you are alone you can still have fun in this city with all the museums and art galleries to visit.



Where to next?


I’ve got to say tropical islands! I love warm weather and the sun! I love Fiji, Tahiti and especially Bora Bora, the Maldives… Sea, Sand and Sun! 



5 items you couldn't live without?


I couldn’t live without my phone. Not very original, but like every teenager I spend my life on this thing! I’ve got my appointments, emails, contacts, pictures and social media apps… everything is on it!


My Cartier bracelets, not because these bracelets are “very in” right now but mainly because they have a very powerful meaning, and it has sentimental value to me, as a graduation present, everyone was proud of me and every time I look at this one I remember the day!


I also couldn’t live without my Céline nano bag, it is tiny yet so convenient that I use it as my everyday bag, when I go shopping or when I hang out with my friends. 


The Givenchy Shopper Tote bag that I use as a University bag, this one is very convenient and I can carry all my textbooks and notes in it because it’s so big!


Finally, my grandfather’s book! He wrote a few books but there is one particular book about his life that I love. I read it after he passed away in 2010 and I take it everywhere I go!



How will you be spending the Holiday Season?


I have to finish my University semester and then I spend Christmas with my family in New Caledonia. No white Christmas for me this year! But then we all go to France because we go skiing in Courchevel 1850. It is without a doubt the best skiing and snowboarding location in the world. 



Define luxury


Some people say that luxury is being able to buy something very expensive that we don’t necessarily need. I agree with them but I also think that luxury is being able to be very comfortable without having to worry about anything.




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