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In today’s current times, limited edition loungewear is proving to be the new kid on the block, offering luxury consumers a glamorous alternative form of fashion, easily worn from day-to-night. Amber Symond's new venture “Common Hours” has proven to take this concept to new heights with her exclusive range of luxury Kimonos.


Taking inspiration from her own interests and passions in literature, music and figurative arts, the bespoke garments are truly wearable art. Featuring  unique embroidered text and evocative imagery, there is a rebellious spirit married with rich comfort that takes the idea of wearing a classic robe to the next level. What is simply an essential garment has been embellished and reinvented to serve as a timeless piece of clothing which can be worn during simple and private moments to more formal and sophisticated affairs. “The nature of these garments also speaks to the idea of private rituals, lending itself for moments of contemplation, self-care and unwinding: the meditative glamour of a glass of whiskey in the bath, the casual luxury and ceremony of tea in the silence and darkness before daybreak. To be transcended through a great novel, uplifted and transformed by music - the beauty of Common Hours” says Symond.


Using sustainably sourced fibres such as French Silk, raw green Brazilan Canvas, Italian leather and translucent Japanese ‘fairy feather’, there is an international flavour infused into the garments paired with a desire to record feelings through imagery, words and moments in time, became a tangible canvas. “It was important for me to choose a garment that was universal in appeal” explains Symond. “I wanted to work with rare, interesting and high-quality materials that are ethically sourced and produced. Robes are universally recognisable, practical and versatile. They have become my imaginary canvas.”


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