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Inspired by the age of cocktail parties and glamorous entertaining, this inner city family home in Melbourne offers liveable luxury able to cater to formal gatherings or a quiet night in. We spoke exclusively with designer David Hicks. 

What was the brief?


The clients on this house wanted something streamlined and sophisticated yet very liveable.  With a large young family, they required some grown up areas that were more glamorous for entertaining and some more casual family areas to hang out in and relax. They wanted these disparate zones to have a different feel yet be able to visually flow. 


What were you inspired by?


Our main aim was to create two distinct zones. We wanted the more formal, or grown up areas to be luxurious and chic so based this scheme loosely on mid-century Italian modernism. We wanted to evoke the era of the cocktail party, when the world was becoming modern and more chic. The entry to the house had a European villa feel to it, so this was carried through. A darker more dramatic colour palette was used to offer a more sumptuous layered feel of high end lux. A more relaxed, sandy feel was carried through into the family areas and inspired, on contrast, by coastal Italy, with whitewashed walls, concrete flooring and white sheers – providing a much more laid back vibe.


What are the fundamentals of a David Hicks home?


The fundamentals of a David Hicks designed home are that of the client’s vision. We like to help clients create something special in which they can retreat, entertain and relax in. Our core principles are making the flow and layout work for the client’s needs, the bones of the project if you like. Upon this we layer the materials and detail and then the decorative - which includes soft furnishings, feature lighting and window treatments. This layering, not only of design but of process, creates a cohesive result that is tailored to the client’s needs. Our solutions are classic, high quality and very sophisticated.


Where is your all-time favourite travel destination?

I love the island of Capri. This beautiful Italian island is very chic and charming. You really feel like you are somewhere truly glamorous yet relaxed. It is an island of contradiction which is fascinating to me.


How would you define luxury?

Luxury for me is quality and that can be quality in sleep, food, clothing or travel. I love anything in life that has a high quality about it and it does not have to be expensive. True quality can be as simple as a perfect glass of champagne or an amazing piece of art. 

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