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A global superstar of the food world, Australian chef, David Thompson proves to be at the top of his game as he continues to grow his food-empire with restaurants in Singapore, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. We sat down with Thompson to discuss all things life and business:



What made you decide to get into the restaurant business?


It was a natural progression. It started from being a cook and obsessed with food. From there I began taking on more and more responsibility, before I found myself progressing on to owning restaurants.


Tell us about the current menu at Long Chim Sydney and what it was inspired by?


There are so many different things that can inspire a menu, it could be as simple as what I’ve come across recently. It really depends on what the menu needs, what the guys in the kitchen believe customers need, and what’s available in each city. I also may have just eaten something memorably delicious and found inspiration in that.


What is the greatest part of your job?


Seeing the smile on people’s faces, whether that’s the staff, the customers, or even occasionally the shareholders.


Where is your all-time favourite travel destination?


I am a promiscuous traveller, but I find myself always going back to Paris. I probably go there about six times a year. It even makes me feel chic. My favourite restaurant? I like the Clown Bar, right by the Seine in an old theatre. The guy who cooks there is Japanese French and it’s just outstanding food. I don’t go to Paris for just the food though however, it does play a big part in going. Pastries and chocolates, charcuterie and cheese. The cheese in particular lures me back to that city on the Seine.


Where to next?


Perth before I go back to Bangkok. Then I’m off to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Korea. Ten Libson before Sweden and London then finally, I pray, home to Bangkok.


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