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Recognised as one of the world’s finest interior design Firms, The Studio of LIAIGRE is renowned for working with clients such as Calvin Klein, Larry Gagosian and Rupert Murdoch offering simplistic yet highly detailed spaces. Through which Christian’s wife Deborah, saw an opportunity to expand the brand offering a “design service” whereby clients simply requiring furniture options and interior decoration were able to engage with Liaigre designers to create impressive residences.


Such projects have included the Munich Apartment whereby the client was looking for a refurbishment, focusing on creating a monochrome interior featuring the client’s favourite colours, beige, white and grey. We spoke with Deborah Liaigre exclusively about the design service and all things Liaigre.



What made you decide to become a designer and take on the Artistic Director role at LIAIGRE?


I never thought I would be anything other than an Interior Architect. I guess my desire began when I was a 6-year-old child who loved oil painting and playing at designing spaces. Just after I graduated from Penninghen in 1999, I joined Christian Liaigre in the showrooms and immersed myself into the Liaigre style. I then created the Design Service, a custom-made solutions for Interior Decoration which since then has significantly grown and represents today one of our leading activities. My passion for materials and colours has also driven me to enhance the brand by creating and developing home accessories, textiles and rugs.



What are the fundamentals of a LIAIGRE designed space?


When the company was established 35 years ago, Christian recognised a very clear vocabulary around the art of living not just furniture design. Liaigre’s DNA is built around clean lines, perfect proportions and finest materials. Liaigre was the first name to draft “effortless chic” interiors… a philosophy of well-being and comfort, but not forgetting beauty and elegance.



Tell us about the Design Service and how it came about?


The highly nourishing experience I first had in our showrooms made me realise that there was a gap existing between the showrooms, where you buy pieces in a retail way, and the Studio which handles both private and hospitality Interior Architecture for which everything is designed. I therefore created the “Design Service”, a department dedicated to custom made solutions in Interior Decoration. Bespoke is at the core of everything we do at Liaigre. The Design Service pushes the boundaries beyond furniture display as we create ambiances, playing with furniture from the collection (or sometimes designed on purpose) and special finishes, textiles, art pieces.



What are the kinds of projects you are currently working on?


I am currently working on two very exciting Interior Decoration projects. The first, is a private house in Mexico city in a very typical Mexican style. I am thrilled to work on the contrasts between the rich and colorful Mexican culture and our French sense of elegance and proportion. The other project is a penthouse in the mythical Edition building in Miami. Here I am designing an interior and three terraces playing with a large space and the intense light of the area. Each project is a totally unique, creative reflection - I never rely on pre-established concepts.



What are you currently inspired by?


I am very much attracted to Elm wood - natural or lacquered. I am always imagining where I will be using it next.



Where and how do you find inspiration?


Although I do enjoy strolling through flea markets and visiting antique dealers, I find most of my inspiration in paintings – especially in their colours. Lately I have been inspired by the work of Cy Tombly.



Where is your all-time favourite destination?


Japan, the city of Kyoto in particular.



How would you define luxury?


By time. Liaigre is a luxury house with a very special and unusual relationship to time. We create and draft perfect pieces and projects, without rush or constraint. We are extremely lucky that our clients understand and respect this path. We have a main goal of absolute quality - both in the design and in the making.


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