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As the Fat Duck Restaraunt relocates back to its primary base in England, a new dining experience is on offer at Crown Melbourne where diners will enjoy the anticipated Dinner by Heston restaraunt, headed by Ashley Palmer Watts. We spoke exclusively with Ashley discussing his succesful career thus far and the new dining experience.


What made Heston, yourself and the Fat Duck team first decide to venture and open the dinning experience to Melbourne? 

When the opportunity came to open Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Melbourne, given the location and the vibrant and ever growing food scene – we jumped at the chance.


After years working with Heston what have you enjoyed most about your exciting career success? 

We have met some of the most incredible people in the world, we have travelled to some amazing countries, and looking at the pleasure and memories created by the things that we do is just brilliant.


Now taking over Dinner by Heston what can diners expect from the change over?

Dinner is fast approaching its first birthday in Melbourne. Bringing a new dynamic of restaurant to Melbourne and establishing ourselves as a permanent dining experience within the Melbourne food scene. What a year it’s been!


What is the current menu inspired by?

The menu at dinner is inspired by historic British gastronomy with Australian history, that showcases the incredible produce that Australia has to offer.


How has Australian cuisine influenced the food style of both Fat Duck and now Dinner by Heston at Crown Melbourne? 

The incredible Australian produce certainly plays it’s part in the direction of dishes on the menu and how those dishes incorporate those ingredients.


Whats the most rewarding part of your job? 

Taking a step back and watching the incredible staff lead a team and operate a restaurant with the passion, detail and drive that I try to instil.

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