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In recent years, Billionaire Heiress and Reality Star Dorothy Wang has proven she is more than just a shadow to her father's colossal empire, creating a name for herself as a fearless and bold online and TV personality. Recently launching a luxurious lifestyle brand and online website (, Wang offers an "insiders guide" into global travel, with insightful tips on a growing list of jet setting destinations. From the best 5-star hotels to quaint local favourite dining options, you are covered for your next upcoming trip. We spoke to Wang to see how she is keeping busy during the Covid-19 Quarantine and where's next on her itinerary post lockdown.  

Describe a usual day in the life of Dorothy Wang


When I’m not travelling or have any events to attend, my typical Monday- Friday is pretty standard. A new thing for me is trying to take some “me time” first thing in the morning, and not jump directly into my phone and emails. I try to take an hour, with some hot water and lemon and read, or do some stretches, I’m trying to work my way to meditation but I haven’t gotten there yet! After going through emails and my social media and responding to texts, I will do a workout. I like to mix things up, some days I’ll work out with a trainer, some days attend my favourite spin, yoga, or pilates class. If I have the time that day, I’ll go on a hike or long walk! Typically after that, if I don’t have a lunch meeting of some sort, I’ll have a light lunch at home and work on my website, either writing up new guides, editing or revising existing ones, or talking to my web developer about new ideas and how we go about implementing them. I love the creative process and watching everything come to life. I must say though, it is a lot more work than I initially thought, maybe because I am so hands-on and every intricate detail matters to me. For dinner, I will usually cook at home. I think people are surprised I cook, but I have friends or family over for healthy, yet hearty dinners all the time. I don’t really follow recipes, I think I’ve watched so many food shows since I was little that I just innately know how to make things now! I love taking a common, popular dish and figuring out how to make it healthier!


Where is your all-time favourite destination and why? 

Being such an avid traveller, this is always such a hard question for me! I don’t have kids yet but I imagine it to be like having to choose your favourite child! I truly love so many different destinations and appreciate and embrace their differences and what makes them so special, so this is so hard for me! I guess the city that I am always most excited for and craving to re-visit again and again, is Tokyo. I love how strong the culture and sense of tradition is there, they don’t adjust or adapt for anyone! When you visit Tokyo, you really feel like you are in a foreign land, they absolutely do things their way and it is amazing to take in and observe all the different traditions, nuances, and their incredible attention to detail. I obviously LOVE the food in Tokyo. From Michelin- starred sushi and Yakiniku to hand-made fresh Mochi and the fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever have and even Neapolitan pizza that rivals that in actual Naples, everything is so meticulously crafted and executed, there is always an abundance of culinary treasures left to explore!



After the Isolation Period, where is first on your itinerary?

I had a trip to New York planned that I had to cancel so probably there first. And then literally ANYWHERE that will take me! Maybe Taipei to visit family first and then London. I had wanted to re-visit London (I haven’t been in 2 years) and refresh my memory and try some new places before I started writing my London travel guide for the website. I would also love to go to Paris, and Capri. Oh, I’m supposed to go to a wedding in Mykonos in September, we will see if that is still happening! I miss travelling so much! I’m usually either on a trip or in the process of planning my next trip, so it definitely feels weird right now not having any travel plans!



How are you keeping busy during Quarantine? 

Well, I definitely have been sleeping a lot! And reading, doing at-home workouts, cooking, baking, and spending a lot of time with my family! Honestly, I’ve been loving it! I’ve been working on adding some new features to my website, including my favourite at-home recipes. I also have been working on different charity projects and just constantly thinking of different ways to give back or make this time a little better for someone else. So far I’ve worked on an initiative that donated over $1Million worth of PPE supplies from China to US hospitals in need, given masks to the homeless, and just launched a meal giveaway on my Instagram. I feel like every little thing you can do right now for someone else will make a difference.



Describe your personal style in three words

Eclectic and fun, yet classic



If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? 

Princess Diana. I was always fascinated with her. She seemed like such a lovely person, I would love to know what it was really like being thrust into the Royal Family, her relationship with the Queen, and more about her charity work. I must’ve only been like 8 or 9 when she passed, but I still remember exactly when I heard the news. I was in the bathtub and my sister ran in and screamed: “Princess Diana died!” My entire family spent the rest of the night glued to the TV watching coverage from the crash. I think I would also like to ask her what REALLY happened.



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