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Sharing his everyday moments with the world prove to be second nature to Social Media Star and aspiring model and actor Dylan Jordan. With a growing online fame, we spoke with Dylan discussing all things from modelling to his fashion style:


What made you decide to become an actor/model?

I've always had interest in the entertainment industry! There’s nothing more rewarding than channeling a character and finding yourself within it. Both are art forms that take a lot of focus and energy. It’s now a hobby as opposed to job.


What would be your dream role?

My dream role would have to be the joker! I love that character!


Who's one actor you'd love to work with?

I would absolutely love to work with the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio! That would be a dream. One day..


Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

Ten years from now, I see myself as an actor who has been in several feature films. Also on a personal level, a father with a family.


Tell us about your Vlogs

In my Vlogs, I share my perspective of everyday situations with my audience while spreading positivity! Positivity and happiness are the vibes I want to include in all my videos! I always try to include some form of a takeaway; even though it’s in docufollow format. There’s so much content on YouTube to digest, so I try to provide my audience with something original. It also helps to live on the West Coast where there’s beautiful scenic things to share.



What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I'm putting more time and effort into my YouTube channel.  There’s a few projects I’m developing in the unscripted space, but can’t say anything quite yet.


How would you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style is best described as street/comfort wear! I remember when sweatpants were a weird thing; now people try all different creative ways of incorporating them into their looks. For me, there’s nothing better than looking good and feeling comfy.  Brands I love include H&M, ASOS, Saint Laurent, among many others.  


If you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life who would it be?

I'm not one to wear designers very often but if I had to choose, I'd go with Saint Laurent!



Where is your all time-favourite travel destination thus far?

My all-time favorite travel destination has been Rome, Italy! I absolutely love Europe! Also love a good tropical vacation.


Where to next?

Next up for traveling is Hawaii this Summer. I'm so excited!

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