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Through the use of drone technology emerging photographers and artists look to new heights and mediums when creating their works, offering audiences new and exciting outlooks. This proves to be the case for 20-year-old Australian photographer Gabriel Scanu, as he captures iconic Australian landscapes and subject matter through a new perspective. We spoke with Scanu to discuss his spectacular works and career plans.


Describe a regular day?


For me every day is different. I could be extremely busy shooting or writing emails for clients or I could be relaxing and taking some time to exercise. As someone who travels a lot I often mind myself away from home or in a different country which makes everyday unique and exciting for me.



What made you decide to become a photographer?


I was taught how to use a DSLR camera from a young age and started shooting photos from as early as twelve years old. I was taught by my father who is a cinematographer/director so for me creating visuals is something that I was surrounded by from a very young age and it seemed to be a very natural progression as I grew older.



What is your favourite past times besides from taking photos?


This may be an obvious answer but I love to travel and explore new places, both locally and on a global scale. I love going to the beach, relaxing and spending time with friends.



Where is your all time favourite travel destination?


My favourite travel destination in recent times has been the West Coast of California. I loved spending time in the Big Sur area and Malibu, both amazing places found off of the Pacific Coast Highway.



If you had a bucket list what would be on it?


My bucket list would probably never end if I had a physical copy of one but a few of the things I would love to do include:


- Skydiving in Hawaii

- ATV riding in Greece

- Visiting every continent 



If you were to go for a winter or summer vacation this holiday season which would you choose?


I would definitely choose a summer vacation! I spent a lot of time in Europe this time last year and it was winter so I definitely think I’ll go for some heat this time around.



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