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With an Instagram gallery glowing with an endless galore of trips around the globe, Hermione Underwood has forged a career out of her chic lifestyle, with her tens of thousands of follower’s eager to see her latest destination, outfit and accessory. From exploring the wilderness of Africa, the canals of Paris, the islands of Capri or the picturesque beauty of the Maldives, Underwood has proved to had a lasting impression on social media and her blog, sharing her extraordinary trips with the world. We spoke exclusively with Underwood:



Describe the day in the life of Hermione Underwood


It depends where in the world I am. I usually wake up fairly early and read emails over coffee and breakfast, primarily to catch up on the Australian day. Home is currently London and an average day means, client meetings, shooting and working away in Notting Hill. When travelling, it means a mixture of work and exploring. As long as I have my laptop, I can work from anywhere! 



What made you decide to launch your blog


I was constantly being asked questions about recent travels and so I decided to solve the problem by putting everything in one place online, hence was born. It has since expanded to include snippets of my personal style, health and new life living in Europe. 



What designers are you currently inspired by?


Gucci has had the greatest comeback of all time. I’m still a huge advocate for Australian designer’s and I love Alice McCall, Josh Goot and Bassike. I’m also a huge fan of the new British label KALITA, and The Outnet’s label Iris and Ink. 



Being a frequent traveller where is your all time favourite travel destination?


Home will always be my favourite destination, Sydney. Otherwise, I visit Saint Tropez and Capri every year and recently had the fortune of spending time in The Maldives and on safari in Africa which were both extraordinarily beautiful. 



Where to next?


I’m currently on a flight from Bermuda to New York City. The next few months will mean a lot of time in Australia, Asia and Europe. 



What five items could you not live without?


Only one: my passport.

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