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The Latest kid on the block at Sydney’s famous Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf, Il Pontile  is a little slice of Italy with a modern-twist.


Renowned Italian Chef Mario Percuoco, the fourth generation of the Chef Percuoco legacy, and Audacia Enterprise have teamed up to create a contemporary harbour-style fine dining restaurant. Mario has played a key role in the restaurants genesis and passed on four generations of knowledge to the kitchen team through meticulous training to create the delicious dishes on offer. It’s his passion and attention to detail that Mario will continue to bring not only to Il Pontile but will contribute to the upcoming dining projects for the group.


Now as Sydney has re-awakened, so too does Il Pontile, breathing life back into it’s fine-dining culture.  It’s no secret that Italian food is full of heart, and Chef Percuoco has poured his into the creation of this fine-dining journey. Each dish is not only a reflection of four generations of Percuoco family cuisine, but that of the glorious setting of Il Pontile itself. In crafting the culinary experience, Percuoco took inspiration from traditional Italian meals combined with a healthy splash of the beautiful, fresh seafood and produce that makes Sydney cuisine celebrated around the world.


Each moment at Il Pontile is a celebration. Or as Percuocco says himself, "food plus people equals love".

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