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Offering traditional Chinese flavour and style, Neil Perry’s new Jade Temple Sydney proves to offer classic Cantonese dishes within a sophisticated yet charming surrounding.


Proving to be the new sister Restaurant to the acclaimed Spice Temple, The Rockpool Group are determined to offer sustainable, quality produce within classic hero dishes such as roast duck, lemon chicken and dumplings. Rockpool Dining Group Culinary and Brand Director Neil Perry said the group’s philosophy of incorporating world class service with a deep respect for the highest quality produce was at the heart of the Jade Temple experience.


Relaxed and eclectic, the restaurant’s decor is inspired by the heritage Burns Philp & Co. building it inhabits at 11 Bridge Street, as well as Asia’s colonial past. Designer Grant Cheyne has drawn on a melting pot of influences, with touches of Chinese nostalgia in a pair of antique, cast iron Chinese guardian lions at the entrance, a western interpretation of traditional Chinese motifs and artworks, and light fittings imported from China with custom-designed chandeliers and handmade bamboo shades. Neil Perry states, “Cantonese food is very produce driven and at Jade Temple we will present some wonderful classic dishes, some that may even seem a cliché such as sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, and honey prawns, but are classic for a reason,” he said. “When cooked well, with beautiful produce, they sing.”


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Photography by Tom Ferguson & Jason Loucas



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