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After a 6-month long closure, Moma PS1 has reopened the iconic “Meeting” exhibition by James Turrell after the completion of neighbouring luxury condo development.


“Meeting” was intended to provide a clear view of the sky’s changing face throughout the day — an opening to watch clouds and colors shift. A series of LED lights inside of the exhibition space also adjusted as the sun moved through the sky from morning to night. However, the installation’s meditative purpose was interrupted by a harsh reminder of the neighbourhood’s rapid gentrification, after temporary construction scaffolding peeked into view.

Commissioned in 1976 by PS1’s founder Alanna Heiss for the museum’s opening exhibition and is the first skyspace work Turrell made in the US. “This was a place that was really dedicated to giving young artists the freedom to show their work, if you wanted the roof off, you took the roof off,” Turrell says of this early opportunity, which involved jackhammering four and a half feet of concrete away from the top of the building to create a square aperture that looks directly onto the open sky. “This is something that really did start me off and I have great affection for PS1 because it was really something special that occurred here.”


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