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With over three hundred thousand social media followers, Singapore based socialite Jamie Chua proves to be turning heads internationally, as she forges a name for herself within the dominant world of fashion.




With an impressive Hermes collection named the largest in the world, mother of two, Jamie Chua has become a global trendsetter with her sophisticated style and glamorous lifestyle to which she e orts will inspire her many followers into looking, feeling and living better lives. Chua holds many titles to her name, being a prominent celebrity blogger, entrepreneur and mother, yet believes it is possible to have it all. While her fast paced lifestyle sees her regularly travel throughout Asia, Europe and beyond, she still remains humble. Always eager to explore the world and happily experience all it has to offer.


While she may have a closet royalty would envy, one thing is certain, Chua brings a fun loving spirit and sense to the clothing she wears. Chua is in fact a walking advertisement. In addition to her online shopping platform “The Closet Raider”, endorsements and collaborations, Chua has thrived. Her strong business sense has gained her respect within a cut throat industry, where she now comfortably sits a top. We spoke exclusively with Jamie. 



Describe the day in the life of Jamie Chua


My day starts at around 930am. Breakfast typically consists of a hot bowl of bird's nest and a glass of warm lemon water to detox. 4-5 times a week, I do an hour of HIIT exercise followed by yoga to warm down. Then it's lunch time which I usually have a light meal either at home or out if I have lunch appointments. Getting ready for my day and deciding what outfit to wear. I will then go on my day for business meetings with my various business associates and partners and perhaps a social gathering with friends as well. I would also usually find time in between to take my OOTD pics for my Instagram. Then it's time to wind down for the day for a nice dinner, after which I would head home wind down with a warm bath and a facial mask.



What designers are you currently inspired by?


I'm currently obsessed with Saint Laurent, Chanel and Thai designer Patinya.



What do you think makes Singapore such a unique travel and fashion destination?


Singapore is probably the cleanest and safest city to visit and it has changed so much throughout the years. We have been upgraded to a first world cosmopolitan city with almost everything imaginable to offer! High fashion stores are abundant and we also have middle and mass fashion to offer everyone from every walk of life. The service industry have greatly been improved and new fancy restaurants are always popping up leaving us spoilt for choice for a great gastronomy experience in Singapore. 



Tell us more about your role as founder of The Closet Raider and Cambridge Therapeutics Ambassador


The Closet Raider was founded on the belief of connecting people with like minds through social media. We help people find new homes for their designer items and it has proven to be one of the most effective platforms around. I am grateful and blessed that I am able to promote my businesses through my Jamie Chua branding which has largely been successful and people trust in me because of my name and credibility in the fashion scene. I am always in the front line in my various businesses and I enjoy meeting new people, networking and socialising.


Being very honoured to also be selected to be Cambridge Therapeutics ambassador for the last 1 1/2 years and counting, I also have the privilege to inspire women all over the world from all walks of life with my daily skincare regime. That's how and why I decided to develop my own line of skincare products (Luminous1 by Jamie Chua). I believe in spreading and sharing my skincare experience through the years of using every conceivable product in the market to assist women in making the right choice in selecting the correct products and going to the right places for their skin care. Being an inspiration means I have the power to influence people and using that power correctly is in itself the key to success for me personally. 



Being a frequent traveller where is your all time favourite destination and why?


I enjoy shopping, good food and scenic places. Europe is most definitely my all time favourite and Paris being top of my list. My connections with the boutiques means I get first dips on anything special and must-have. I wish I could make more trips per year but I have only enough time as I have also other favourite cities to spend time in. I love the hedonistic lifestyle and Europe always make me feel throughly pampered in more ways than one. 



Where would you like to go next?


I hope to visit places that I've never been to perhaps Iceland and South Africa. I love taking pictures and anywhere with beautiful scenery would make me very happy.


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