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In an ever more competitive world of fashion and television, it takes a lot to make such a mark. Yet presenter Jason Dundas has done just that in his ever expanding career. In fact, he isn’t just a TV host, but a mogul that sure knows how to brand his image.




His personal statement reads: ‘Jason Dundas has limelighted as a TV host, and is on the business pulse of fashion, fitness, social tech and curated content". This could not be more correct for former Getaway host Jason Dundas who now currently resides between both the US and Australia, particularly following his most recent achievement being Entertainment Tonight’s Special Correspondent. Other work also presenting itself has included hosting shows such as America’s Best Dance Crew and Beyond Dance. 


Entrepreneurship takes over once the cameras stop rolling, no need for cue cards here. Dundas himself has started and now running his own production company called Dundas Media. Another key part of his career that Dundas is proud of is his Menswear Ambassador role for David Jones and his new activewear DundasFit. 


With a strong media background, in an array of areas, there is a strong message to take away here more than an admiration of achievements. The importance of ‘doing’. When discussing what projects he has most recently worked on, a recurring theme in his response was the key to his success was constantly ‘doing’. Whether that be business related or health related. Keeping occupied with a purpose to ‘do’ is a simple way to go about the day in the life of Jason Dundas. 


Dundas's tenacious drive and ambitious projects have in effect, taken the media arena by storm. His constant strong work ethic is the reason he gets up every day and travels around the world on a regular basis. 




What projects have you been working on recently?


I was in Melbourne just last week with David Jones as their menswear ambassador hosting their Caulfield Cup marquee to kick of the Australian spring racing carnival. TV wise, just last month I wrapped my latest US TV series called America's Best Dance Crew for MTV world wide. ABDC is a high energy, live studio audience, big stage show where the best urban dancers in the world battle it out. This was an incredibly cool series to be apart of and it actually inspired me to get my own dance coach and learn a few moves, mainly so I could relate to the dancers and truly understand their world, the best I could. 



Talk me through a regular day for Jason Dundas.


As an entrepreneur, no two days of mine are ever alike. I also work on projects that I love so I don't really have a start and finish time, I'm just constantly doing things. I'll do the best I can to give you a slight insight into my current LA lifestyle in this exact moment i'm answering this interview.  I wake up around 8am and start my day with Bulletproof coffee, followed by an hour of answering emails, then take my french bulldog pup for a short walk and have breakfast. At this point it gets different everyday, at the moment i'm working a lot on my activewear brand DundasFit, i'm currently designing our Autumn Winter collection for David Jones. After a couple hrs work I'll head off to the gym, I love to lift weights, and run. The afternoon I usually like to learn something new, at the moment i'm studying to become a health coach and a personal trainer. Good food is very important to me so I like to cook my dinner most nights, and living in LA by early evening, Australia is just getting started with their day so I normally do a couple more hrs work with them on email / phone. Bedtime around midnight. 



You have traveled all over the globe, where is one of your all time favourite destinations?


I must admit I do get asked this question a lot, and each time I don't hesitate when saying Rio. I was lucky enough to film for the Australian travel series Getaway from Carnival in Rio a couple years back and i've been talking about it ever since. This city has so much energy and vibe to it, it's just magical and unlike anything i've ever experienced before. 



Where do you currently call home?


After 4 long years in NY I have recently re-located to West Hollywood in LA. LA seems to be the new hot spot for creatives and artisans. Maybe it's the cheaper rent or better weather, but whatever it is, it has really transformed the city into a dope place to live. I'm looking at moving to the Silver Lake hills soon.



What’s next on the travel agenda for you?


Cuba baby! I love photography and have wanted to spend time in this country for as long as I can remember. I'm planning a trip in January, so hopefully I will be able to breath in this magical place before it changes too much.



Tell me about your Men’s active wear line - Dundas fit how did that come about?


DundasFit is a fashion forward mens activewear brand currently available in David Jones stores right around Australia and on David Jones' online store. A couple of years ago while I was living in one of the most fashion forward neighborhoods in the world, Soho New York City, my inspiration came from watching guys around downtown NY rock their gym clothes through the streets of the city. Guys started wearing their Nike sneakers with Jeans out to clubs and bars. I could see sweatpants starting to become more of a fashion statement. My aim with DundasFit was to create a brand that can be worn both in the gym and socially, as well as providing guys with a more fashion forward look while working out. I spent months staying up late sketching and designing in Adobe Illustrator to come up with the inaugural DundasFit collection. I have two favorite pieces from the DundasFit S/S15 collection; the first is the Tank top. For me personally I would always cut the sleeves of my good T-shirts cause I could never find a decent fitting tank top from a sports store that was also in a nice fabric. With the DundasFit Tank we have built it out of soft cotton with a raw cut edge on the sleeves so it feels authentic, and from a technical point we added an ActivTek™ Polyester blend fabric into the high sweet area on the upper shoulders. My second favorite piece from the collection is the black DundasFit shorts. Being an Aussie I love to surf, hangout, cook a BBQ and hit the gym all in one day, so it was important for me to create a pair of shorts that you can do all of these things in with out changing.



What do you believe is your unique style as a TV presenter and model?


As a TV presenter / host I believe in being as honest as I can. If I am real on TV then in that moment the viewers can relate to me and will hopefully be either entertained or educated by watching the show i'm fronting. I don't believe i'm a model as such, I just have a lot of energy that can translate into a picture. Working with David Jones as their menswear ambassador I have done a lot of modeling which has taught me a bunch about being present in the moment and that less is more when it come to being in front of a camera. 



What is your favourite timepiece?


I'm a sucker for a vintage rolex. I love the 1970's Date Just and Daytona models. 



And finally how would you define luxury?


Luxury to me is quality craftsmanship. From a well designed hotel room, handmade pair of shoes, classic timepiece, to a beautifully engineered car.

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