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American interior designer Jeff Andrews has always been thrown a curve ball when designing his extraordinary projects and his recent ski home project in Lake Tahoe was no different.


Working with demanding high profile clients ranging from successful entrepreneurs, wealthy families and Hollywood’s most glamourous, Andrews proves to know a thing or two about pushing boundaries and creating something truly unique. His bold style featured within the hit E reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” saw him decorate the sprawling Kardashian/Jenner compound which features a palatial double staircase, black and white theme and exquisite art and plus furnishings, creating both a dramatic set and warm and inviting family home for monarchs of reality television.


His recent work on a family ski home proved to challenge the traditional themes of a ski/lakeside vacation property exuding modern chic vibes whilst remaining a warm safe haven. Located within the picturesque Hurricane Bay and being a four-season family vacation home, the owners and their three children required an expansive six thousand square foot home which reflected an interconnected energy with both nature and each other. Andrews using both traditional timbers and modern furnishings and lighting he counteracted a visual harmony to which has resulted in a cool seasonal oasis catering for winter holidays and summer vacations. We spoke exclusively with Andrews:



What were you inspired by?


We set out to create a home that was aesthetically more eclectic and contemporary than a typical, rustic-style mountain home.  The design was inspired by the elements of Lake Tahoe and this mountainous region with the use of natural fibers and organic materials. Reclaimed barn siding was used on walls and ceilings throughout, as well as granite from local quarries. Some key resources for the project include: McEwen Lighting, Lucca Antiques, Jean de Merry, Mimi London, Gregorious Pineo, Scott Group Carpets, Urban Electric, Exquisite Surfaces, Waterworks, and Viking.



What would you say the fundamentals of a Jeff Andrews designed home are?


I favor design that is classic, but with a definite edge, and an emphasis on vintage and custom elements. I like to use color palettes that are soothing and monochromatic, layered with rich textures and subtle pattern.  Comfort and livability with a touch of glamour are key components to my aesthetic.



Where is your all-time favorite travel destination?


Without a question, my favorite travel destination is Paris!  It’s the most inspiring city in the world for me, so I always return creatively refreshed. 



Where to next?


Right now, I am designing a number of homes across the United States and in the Middle East.  This fall, I will be released two new product collections including my first line of rugs for Mansour Modern, and Variations, a line of wood tiles for walls and floors for Jamie Beckwith Collection.  After launching a furniture collection with A. Rudin and a wallpaper line with Astek Wallcoverings in 2015, I’m definitely looking forward to exploring more creative opportunities to design a variety of luxury products for the home. 

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