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Starring in Bravos Million Dollar Decorators acclaimed interior designer Jeffrey Alan Marks optimizes American classic style and casual living within his spectacular interior design projects.




Evoking charm and sophistication, the multi million dollar homes designed by Jeffrey and his team seek to surprise each of their demanding clients via the whimsical and relaxed atmosphere as he seizes to be bold, setting trends internationally. When transitioning through a JAM designed home, one seizes to notice the level of detail emplaced on each piece of joinery and soft furnishing showcasing an eye for perfection. A JAM designed home proves to be exciting yet completely relaxing by nature. Marks often called to rejuvenate vacation and mega homes in locations such as Nantucket, the Palisades or Belize.



Talk us through the day in the life of Jeffrey Alan Marks 


I wake up each morning at 5:45, make a juice from vegetables from my local Farmers Market, and then head to my 6:30 class at SWEAT Yoga in Santa Monica.  On my way home, I pick up a coffee at my favorite morning spot, Primo Passo Coffee Co., and drink it while I make oatmeal for breakfast.  I get into the office by 8:45 and start my day with a status meeting with my design team.  At 10, I head over to Brunello Cucinelli for a quick fitting for a black tie NYE party I’m attending in Jackson Hole.  After that, I have an 11am meeting with Bed Bath & Beyond about the launch of my new bedding collection, which debuts in January 2016.  At 12:30, I head to a working lunch at Tavern (can’t forget my iPad) with my art consultant to discuss pieces we saw at Art Basel.  Then at 1:30, I quickly zip by a project I’m finishing up in Brentwood to meet with my landscape architect. I’m back at the office by 2:15 working on a fly fishing lodge I’m doing in Belize, before my dog, Coal, and I drive over to Todd Reed’s store on Abbot Kinney to go over our lighting collaboration, which launches in late 2016.  We wrap up around 4:30 and then Coal and I grab a latte from GTA and take it with us on a short walk along the beach to get some fresh air.  We then head back to the office for a quick 5:30 meeting for an installation I have in Aspen and by 6, everyone’s ready to head over to our favorite local restaurant, Cassia, for some post-work wine and nibbles.



What are you currently inspired by?


For my new rug line, I mixed contemporary rugs with my love of the sea, the beach, and the outdoors.  Currently, I’m working on them for a 2016 launch.



What made you decide to become a designer?


I was a fashion model in Europe, which gave me the opportunity to travel the world and see the most beautiful people, places, and art. 

That very much inspired the way I look at things and my love of architecture, so I brought that home to my California lifestyle and incorporated everything into my work.



If you could describe your design style in a few words what would you call it?


Tailored comfort with a sophisticated edge.



You currently live in Los Angeles, what do you believe sets it apart in terms of lifestyle?


The light, the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, and the ability to move around in very different atmospheres quite quickly.



All time favourite travel destination?


Swiss Countryside.



Where to next?


I’m doing a house off the islands of Vancouver and I am finding great inspiration in the moody light up there.



Favourite timepiece?


Cosmograph Daytona Rolex.



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