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Leaving university to conquer the world of blogging as a digital influencer, Joey London has become a prominent figure showcasing men's lifestyle, fashion and travel. Inspired by art, culture and fashion, Joey showcases his exciting life on social media and youtube. We spoke with the creative exclusively: 


How would you describe your personal style?


Young and experimental 



Who are your go-to designers?


Tom Ford hands down!



Name your favourite timepiece?


My new Michael Kors smart watch! 



What is one item you couldn't live without?


A leather biker jacket! 



How would you define true luxury?


Ooo, Elegance!



Who is your favourite artist and why?


At the moment Migos! 



You often travel, for work and leisure - what would be your favourite trip to date?


I just got back from LA, that was definitely up there, but Bali has it for me!



Where to next?




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