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Recently starring on UK Channel 4's Rich Kids of Instagram Russian born Julia Stakhiva proves to be making a name for herself within exclusive international jet-setting circles. We spoke exclusively with the digital influencer:


You recently starred in the TV series Rkoi What made you decide to become apart of it?


I mean it has been really naturally and I had seen it and they got in touch with me and it was really out of interest yet I got the chance to show who I am. It was just like a fun thing to do.



What made you choose to move to London?


My family live in London and I’ve been living here since I was a teenager. Before London I lived in Moscow and Paris and I chose London because I enjoyed going out and partying and the shopping, London really offers everything. I also study in London and just graduated in Business Management though since filming I’ve really enjoyed the experience so I am going to do my masters in Film and Drama which has become my new passion.



Where is your all time favourite travel destination and why?

I mean it depends on the season. Like I recently travelled to Tuscany Italy and It was really amazing, it was a spa and was really quiet. Though I do love going to London, its great for clubbing though it ultimately depends on what I am feeling and where I’d like to go.



Where would you like to go next?

Yeah I’ve never been to Argentina and id love to visit Australia! Id also love to explore outside of Europe and visit the Fijian islands.


What fashion items are you currently coveting?


A Hermes Kelly and id love to have a Piguet Watch or a Private Jet.



How would you describe your fashion style?


I try to be very elegant, like Dior, Chanel, Balmain. I don’t go for current trends I prefer timeless pieces which I can have for my whole life. 

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