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Reflecting on his day-to-day adventures through the eye of the lens, Kal Ousseimi proves to be one of the new-age vlogger's and influencers using social media to explore his creativity, developing content and most recently a new fashion label “Bonfire Vanities”. We spoke with Kal exclusively to discuss his latest projects.



How would you describe your style?


I mix up a bit of high fashion with a skater look. Gucci Jeans + Vans is great Combo. 



Describe a Regular Day?


Every day is different - not much regularity in my life at the moment! 

Starting from the moment I wake up. I always start off the day with vitamins and coffee, then it's emails and phone calls. Some calls lead to crazy adventures. I can be in New York one day then the next I'm in London. It gets pretty crazy. My irregularity is my regularity. 



What are you currently Inspired by?


Gucci's new collection is doing things to me. Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre were big inspirations to my existential crisis I was going through last year. 



Tell us about your latest project - Bonfire of the Vanities


Bonfire of The Vanities is a reflection of the environment my friends and I have been living in. The toxic environment of self-obsession and false realities that dominate the internet and the youth's minds. I've been designing a couple of articles of clothing that reflect our generations obsession with vanity and immediate gratification. All in to subtly tell a story and at the same time, style individuals in my own manner.



When you decide to get involved with filming?


I've been using a camera ever since I was 6. It wasn't really a conscious decision, I have really bad eye sight. Eventually I got glasses and started using it properly. I see film and photography as the best way of conveying where I am in my life through capturing moments, but also as the greatest tool to create illusion, mystery and fantasy. 



What are the details on your latest VR project?


Oh shh, it's a secret!  But, it has to do with our brand Bonfire of the Vanities. Have you ever been to a pop up store? If you haven't then, now you'll have one in your pocket. You'll be able to access a virtual world (that is our online store) and shop through our collection. All virtually on your mobile device. Exciting stuff, that will be available on our website very soon! 



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