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Founding a design business in the 1990’s, Kelly Wearstler has quickly become a global luxury lifestyle brand renowned for her distinctive designs and sophisticated soulful vibe. We spoke exclusively with the designer about all things design and lifestyle. 


When did you realise you were destined to become an Interior Designer?



I have always been drawn to design. My mother was a designer and she took me to antique shows and auctions as a girl, educating my eye from a young age. Design is largely intuitive for me and it incorporates so many of my passions.  I have an endless curiosity and am thrilled to design environments for people to expand their experiences within and add an element of adventure to their lives.  It is truly my dream job. 



What are you currently inspired by?



Inspiration is everywhere.  Art, architecture, fashion, film, graphic arts, landscapes, nature.  I always remain open to new colours, forms, textures, artists and furniture whenever I am travelling, being aware of my surroundings, and doing research, whether it is reading a book or exploring at a museum.  That allows me to find the beauty in all that I see and translate it into my work.  The innovation, boldness and expression of artists both classic and contemporary has immeasurable influence on my aesthetic. Some of my greatest influences are Pierre Cardin, Oscar Niemeyer, Carlo Scarpa and Louis Kahn. 



What projects are you currently working on?



I am currently at work on a new hotel brand – Proper Hotels.  Each property is an ode to its city, with layers of distinctive vintage and contemporary furnishings and authentic local influence.  Our debut hotel launched in San Francisco and I am in the midst of designing the next three Proper hotels and residential properties (including eight restaurants, bars and lounges), opening in Downtown Los Angeles, Austin (Texas) and Santa Monica, California. I am also working on several incredible residential projects for private clients globally.  My studio is launching new collections of fabric and wallcovering, tiles, rugs, lighting and furniture this fall and early next year. 



You work with a number of high-profile celebrities, who has impressed you with their personal style?



All of my clients are so educated and unique. I truly am impressed by all of them. My clients are my greatest muse – each project is a reflection of their distinctive personalities and personal style. 



How did your collection of accessories and furniture come about?


Interior design has fueled all of our product design.  There’s an inherent cross-pollination in my studio; architecture and interiors influence our art pieces, home décor, lighting, furniture and vice versa. Often on projects, we ended up creating pieces from scratch simply out of not being able to find the exact vibe on the market.  I was first approached by Bergdorf Goodman to design a line of home accessories in 2006 and it started out quite curated and small. Over time our lifestyle brand grew organically to include furniture, rugs, lighting, fabrics & wallcoverings and multiple partnerships and collaborations with some of the most respected global brands across the luxury market space.



What is your favourite room in your home?


Our family room. We love to watch films together. There is a huge sofa to all curl up together with the dogs. For me the essence of a home is love.



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