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Travelling the world, capturing his daily picturesque views of a new country or continent, we spoke with Los Angeles based photographer and influencer, Kevin Berruer about all things travel and lifestyle.  


Describe a regular day in the life of Kevin Berruer


I like to wake up right before sunrise every morning and hit the gym. I try to come back from the gym before Julie (my Fiance) leaves for work to always have breakfast together - we always have our favorite, avocado toast + Oj! After our breakfast, I work for a few hours straight in our home office on my brand focusing on design, technical drawings, researching inspiration, and web design. There’s always meetings in between, conference calls and visiting my manufacturer to go over my samples. Once Julie comes home from work, I help create content for her blog and Instagram so we shoot before it gets dark outside. Around 7pm, I get ready to play soccer with my team for an hour and always come home to cooking dinner with her. We always watch some sort of movie, show, or documentary before going to bed to wrap up my day!



When did you decide to pursue a career within the creative industry?


I was always interested in photography but never made the step to actually get my own camera. As a kid, I would spend hours just looking at photos on different Tumblr blogs I followed, it made me travel just by looking at blogs when I wasn’t able to. I’ve always had a keen eye for fashion, photography and design but when I met Julie, I began taking her photos for her social media channels and that really set the tone for making it a real passion of mine. I really got into it and learned to properly use a DSLR camera and it helped me get into creating content for Julie and my own Instagram.



What are you currently inspired by?


It sounds a bit cliché but I get inspired by everything that surrounds me. Moving from France to LA, definitely has inspired me quite a lot. It’s a different scene, lifestyle, and mood which is the complete contrast of France. Right now, cool architecture has inspired me so much that I try to mix it with fashion photos I take for Julie.



What has been your biggest adventure thus far?


One of my biggest adventures was my first international trip I had ever made. After graduating college in my hometown of France, I decided to work and save up money to be able to travel to Australia. I did what many European kids do, which is to get a working holiday visa, pack a small luggage and leave for the unknown. I told my parents I was planning on staying for only 6 months there, but ended up coming back 2 years later. I learned so much there, I learned how to hustle when you don’t speak the language. It was a long but fun two-year adventure!



Where is your all-time favorite travel destination?


I haven’t visited many countries yet, but Japan was definitely a country that blew me away. Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, but everything is so organized… The people are so nice and welcoming, the food is unbelievable and you can take really cool pictures.



How would you describe your style?


I would say my style has a bit of an LA vibe, it’s effortless, easy and versatile. It’s just pieces you can wear day and night.



What five items could you not live without and why?


My phone – I do everything with it.

My camera – I don’t take photos with my phone anymore. My cameras have wifi now, it’s the best.

My laptop – To watch my favorite TV shows everywhere I travel.

A book – Always important to read a book.

My favorite Thom Browne sunglasses – because we love to visit sunny destinations.



If you had a bucket list, what would be on your list?


I want to go on a road trip with Julie and be able to rent a cool van and drive from Canada all the way down to Argentina… Or a road trip all around Italy: pasta and pizza everyday… a dream.



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