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Meet Lana Scolaro at 20 years of age the Monaco based socialite is leading a rebellious new trend, in high-jewelry.




Attending the exclusive Parsons College of Design in New York City, the school, with an alumni which has included Tom Ford, Alexander Wang and Reed Krakoff, Lana Scolaro interested in Fine Art and Design, sought to follow in her fathers footsteps, while making her own stamp in a niche luxury industry. Her ambitious jewelry designs feature rounded silver, yellow and rose gold bracelets and necklaces embellished with diamonds. 

The uber-exclusive designer seeks to represent a younger demographic of jet setting elite circles whom require bespoke and unique pieces.


Scolaro is the ultimate representation of this new trend, combining both edgy glamour and effortless sophistication. Her fast paced life see’s her travel between London, New York and Monaco on a weekly basis. Unlocking an ever-exciting private world, Scolaro shares photos on instagram including vacations to St Barth and Ibiza; as well her individual fashion style featuring high top louboutins, caps and croc skin Birkin’s. Her fearless style is bold yet flawless.


Whilst being named a “rich kid of instagram” she continues to challenge this title, creating her own name for herself in an industry largely dominated by global brands. She is probably one of the most chic rebel designers around, with an entrepreneurial business mindset, displaying a cut above approach.



What made you decide to start a Jewellery line?


My main talent was always design and Fine Art. I studied at Parsons the New School for Design in New York and I decided to pursue my career in design by designing fine jewelry, as my father was already in the diamond industry so I thought i'd have a bigger advantage.


What influenced your bold choice of guns and crowns, which adorn or shape your exceptional jewellery?


I originally wanted to be an actress and am a great lover of classic movies. Some of my favourite films are Django and Blood Diamond which inspired my designs in a big way. Growing up in a scene of teenage rebellion at college, I wanted to create something unique with jewelry. I am also a big collector of Post-War/Contemporary art works and began dealing when I was 16; which led me to be inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat's crown signature. I decided to interpret this into my jewelry design, as the scene I was around in New York was all about rebellion, fashion and art. The AR15 gun inspiration came from the charity work I did for my father in Africa, which donates to a small charity that protects children living in the world's most dangerous war zones. 



What are you currently inspired by?

I am currently inspired by the Knotted Gun Sculpture, which lies in New York City, "Non-Violence" (also known as "The Knotted Gun") is a pro-peace sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, designed in late 1980 and inspired by the shooting death of his pal, John Lennon. It was given to the UN by the government of Luxembourg in 1988. The sculpture portrays a 45-caliber revolver with its barrel knotted into a bullet-blocking twist, a concept normally confined to 2D reality in newspaper editorial cartoons.



Talk me through the day in the life of Lana Scolaro.

A day in the life for me is usually taking a yoga or pilates class in the early morning to start my day, i'll then usually head back to my showroom and work on some new designs and study different materials. I'll then usually have a meeting with a new press agency I have just hired, followed by more meetings with retailers. However, I never really know how long I will stay in one place at a time, as I have stockists in Europe which I also need to have control over, so I will spend a lot of time on a plane.



Define Luxury?


My definition of luxury is something unnecessary but favorable for, to satisfy and ease. Something enticing but expensive, something very charming but not really needed in life.



Where is your all time favourite destination and why?


My all time favourite destination is Saint Barth, I have spent every Christmas and New Year there over the last 10 years and will continue. It is a small relaxing island where I can reunite with friends from Europe and the U.S at the same time, and enjoy the beautiful private beaches. 



Where to next?


My next destination would be Los Angeles. I love the idea of city life and beach life at the same time. It is always so clean and spread out, I feel like its one big Disneyland.



Where do you call home?


Monaco is a place I call home. I was born in London but spent most of my weekends and childhood in Monaco, my family is there. 



Who are some of your favourite artists and why?


I am a big fan on surrealism. So, naturally Dali and Magritte are my favourites from the modernist era. And from current ones I absolutely adore Mark Ryden. Also from contemporary artists I'm a big fan of Takashi Murakami. I've always liked Jackson Pollock, I think he threw all the rules about how to apply paint to canvas out of the window and showed the next generation of abstract painters that the limits have not yet been accomplished.



Whats your go-to watch?


My go-to watch right now is the new Limitless TV Series. I really enjoyed the movie and love how there is now a TV series inspired by it. 



Whats one item you couldn't live without?


One item I could not live without is my phone, of course. I keep my life on my phone, from meeting reminders to emails and all the rest. 


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