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It’s the European Retreat proving to offer a “cure” to the wealthy traveller, promising to reboot each guests mind, body and soul. It’s the ultra-exclusive Lanserhof Tegernsee.


Opening in January 2014, the hotel resort is renowned for offering exquisite architecture married with a picturesq and secluded location amongst the Lake Teger foothills of the Bavarian Alps.


Designed by Christoph Ingenhoven the hotel spaces have been imagined as a calming oasis with its muted tones, sleek and straight lines. Although don’t let this mistake you for another luxe European spa-hotel. This retreat proves to offer an intensive program aiming to clense the body with options to help loose-weight and detox the digestive system. With most days meals containing simplistic meals such as buckwheat rolls and herbal tea all meals are dietician approves offering organic produce and a personalized menu for each visitor.


In addition to the rigorous menu, Landerhof offers extensive health treatments, with most days beginning with a series of examinations, as well as massages, energy medicines and leech therapies and liver infusions.

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