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Offering a humanist approach to architecture and design, Australian Architect Luigi Rosselli has worked around the world including Milan, New York and Sydney. We spoke with the award-winning designer about his career thus far and latest projects.


What made you decide to become an architect and designer?


I have always had a great interest in buildings and the construction process; I was born into a family of engineers and grew up surrounded by architects as family friends.  Growing up in Milano, capital of design and architecture, during the 1960s the influence of good design was definitely in the air. 



What are you currently inspired by?


I am inspired by the texture of rammed earth, the softness of waxed set plaster, the life of sandstone walls and by fine steel windows; all instruments that form part of the orchestration that leads to sensual and tactile designs.  



Tell us about some of your current projects?


We're working on a great number of varied projects, which are showcased on our constantly updated website and through our Instagram, Twitter & Facebook feeds.  We have just completed a stunning new house in Mosman, built as a stack on a series of ledges of a rocky escarpment.  We are also working an a couple of historic homesteads located on remote Australian bushland that requires sensitive relocation and upgrading.  We also have several low and medium density apartment projects in various stages development in the Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.  One of the apartment blocks is due to be completed in the next few weeks.  



What would you say makes Australian design unique on from an international perspective?


With global trends, it is becoming harder and harder to identify national traits in Architecture, but our continent has particular climatic attributes that contribute to very open architecture that embraces the breeze and breaks out of the box. 



Where is your all-time favourite destination?


Burma, Japan and St Moritz, Switzerland. 



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