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Leading a chic lifestyle, fashion stylist and lifestyle blogger Mailili Sasabone proves to be making her own mark as she displays her cool edge on European Fashion. We spoke exclusivelty with Mailili.

Describe a day in the life of Mailili Sasabone


It depends on the day. Right now I'm still in school so that's is a big part of my daily life. I usually wake up very early, on the way I'll get coffee and breakfast. I always go by train (the luxury life of a blogger).  An average blog day means; brand meetings and lots off shoots.  I'll end my day with my friends or writing a new post before I go to sleep. 


What made you decide to become a fashion blogger? 


As a 13 year old I followed a lot of bloggers on Instagram, back then I was way to young and decided to start on when I was done with school.When I became 17 I didn't want to wait anymore because blogging is such a popular thing right now. 


What designers are you currently coveting?


Definitely Gucci, they made the biggest comeback with Alessandro Michele. I'm currently craving almost everything from storets. 



Where is your all time favorite travel destination and why?


The Moluccan! I had the best experience over there with my family and the island is so beautiful. 


What 5 items could you not live without? 


I can live without items easily but a phone, passport and laptop are the things that make my life much easier.

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