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Located on the iconic Woolloomooloo Wharf Sydney sits Manta Restaurant, boasting impressive views of the Sydney skyline and a delightful menu, guests are spoilt for choice with an exciting offering of local produce and sublime flavours. Offering an exciting new bar concept, Manta’s guests can visit the dining room and/or simply enjoy an afternoon drink with exquisite bar snacks to compliment.


Photography: Rebecca Vanderhoek


Working directly with Australian farmers and artisans, Executive Chef Daniel Hughes honours a commitment to homegrown produce including the 100% grass-fed beef and sustainably caught seafood all available on Manta’s extensive menu. A refined farm to table philosophy is celebrated with a passionate attitude of constantly evolving its menu to champion the season of produce available: including the beautifully rich Truffle and Scampi pasta currently available during the lunch-setting.


We sat down and spoke to owner Rob Rubis and executive chef Daniel Hughes:


- Tell us about the current menu and what you were inspired by?


We are continually inspired at Manta by seasonal produce Australia has to offer. Winter is a time where we are spoiled with beautiful fruits and vegetables. Citrus, pears, apples and the best roots vegetables, such as Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, celeriac and fennel which is my favourite vegetable. Australia is also producing beautiful quality truffle which we feature throughout the winter months. 



- How would you describe contemporary Australian cuisine and culture and how has it influenced the Manta menu?



Overall Australia is a very multicultural place with many influences which we expose in our menu. We also take inspirations from our amazing team, which gives me a lot of inspiration.



- Being located in such a prominent landmark food hub what is it that makes Manta stand out from the crowd? 



Our seafood is certainly our landmark but we pride ourselves in our meat offering including the owner’s brother property in QLD and from the best suppliers in Australia.



- What’s the most rewarding part of your job? 


Seeing the young generation passionate about produce and how to handle it, but most importantly we love our customer's satisfaction.



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