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22 year old Swedish born designer and entrepreneur, Marcus Wettherheim begun 2015 by launching his own brand of boots Carlo Antonio bringing a wave of recognition to his name, success he hopes to carry into the year ahead.





Wettherheim established Carlo Antonio with the aim to create a boot that incorporated the delicate balance of comfort and style for its wearer. After finding a drought in the market for sartorial items, which suited his personal taste, he pursued his own design, ambitions which came to fruition in the form of the Carlo Antonio brand. His simplistic, yet debonair style draws influence from his extensive travel experience and is exuded in the partnership of colour and material in his designs. The hybridization between street and high fashion is a design statement that has been reflected within Wettherheim’s work in both home and fashion. He demands utmost quality within his products, a standard which extends into his personal life. In the coming year, the Carlo Antonio brand plans to extend it’s range to accommodate female buyers and in industry anticipation, Wettherheim will unveil a new breed of styles and design, continuing to establish himself as one of the most promising names in the high end footwear space.



What are you currently inspired by?


What inspires me the most right now is the traveling I do. I find so many new ideas through just traveling the world and seeing new cultures, people and their personalities. I´m also very inspired by my work right now. When it goes well it gives me more confidence and new ideas of designs and business to do.



What made you decide to become a designer?


That´s pretty simple. I couldn´t find the stuff I wanted in the stores so I started to create my own things. I have always been creative ever since I was a little kid. 



Tell us about Carl Antonio


So, Carl Antonio is my shoe brand that I initiated early 2015. The name Carl Antonio comes from my name, Marcus Carl Antonio Wetterheim. I got into designing boots about one and half years ago. And thought, why not start my own brand for boots? I knew I had the potential to do it. So first out this autumn was the Stockholm boot collection. It´s an ankle boot in suede leather with a little higher heal for the more confident person who knows what he wants. It comes in 3 colour styles, black, grey and light tan.

In 2016 I have a lot more styles coming, including Women and focusing on more details for the coming designs, I´m really excited.



Describe your personal style?


My personal style is mostly inspired by different cultures. I´m involved with fashion but don´t really care about designers too much. For me it´s about the colour and materials I choose to collaborate with. Although I do dress a lot in black!

If I would pick out an outfit for an event or something right now I would go with a pair of black skinny jeans, a distressed t-shirt, a black blazer jacket and a pair of Carl Antonio boots of course.



Items you couldn't live without?


It´s sad to say, but I´d say my Iphone first hand. My wallet and passport are two more things I couldn’t live without.



Where is your all time favourite travel destination?


I really love LA because there is just so many different cultures there. But my favourite has to be Dubai. Everything is just so amazing! I love everything about it.



Where to next?


I hope to get away to London and Paris in next for a couple days. 

And as it looks right now I´ll go to Dubai. After all that I'd probably fly over to LA for some time.



What is luxury to you?


It's the ability to travel and explore new things and be happy! Of course I do like some luxury goods but it´s so impersonal that I don't really put the meaning luxury to it.

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