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Take a look inside Marina Senabre’s Minimalist home in Menorca’s countryside.  

Nestled in the countryside of Menorca is a minimal white home designed by local architect Marina Senabre. Comprised of two structures, the house is intended to reflect both the architecture of the Mediterranean island and clean contemporary design. Favouring concept, proportion and simplicity over ornamentation, Senabre creates one rectangular building with a flat gravel roof, and a smaller gabled unit topped with recycled terracotta tiles.

Continuing to rely on composition and aesthetics, doors and window frames are formed from wooden planks, arranged to capture the scene of the surrounding landscape. “The Menorca countryside manages to enter the house through the large square openings, like works of art on the wall that completely link it to the territory,” Senabre explains.

Inside the larger volume are the living spaces, such as the kitchen, dining room and lounge. Wooden accents, pale floors and simple furnishings complement the stark white walls. The smaller structure houses the guest rooms, a space for playing sports and a small indoor pool. A bigger pool is located alongside the two buildings, which are connected by concrete and gravel paths.

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