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He’s one of the most influential men’s fashion bloggers internationally, based in Dubai, Mahmoud Sidani heads proves to be a trendsetter with a little black book of international designer clients and celebrity friends. We spoke with Sidani exclusively:



What made you decide to get into Blogging?


Funny story actually – I was initially working at Level Shoe District in Dubai where I met designers, bloggers, celebrities and I think it just happened by luck . I was always approached to work with brands but couldn’t because of the conflict with Level Shoes. And this one particular respected brand kept approaching me and finally after I threw a ridiculous price at them, they came back to me and said “deal”. And so I threw this big event, they expected 80 people, and I brought over 400 of Dubai’s hottest people and ever since then it started buzzing. So then I was like, wait a minute let me see how this goes and I’ll do it for a few months and make some money – next thing I know, the money was just rolling in, working with names like Louis Vuitton, Dior to Four Seasons. At that point, I launched working only with professional photographers. It’s really nice to be recognised in Dubai as there is really only a few top bloggers and we all know each other and have different styles.



You currently live in Dubai, how would you say the fashion scene compares to cities like Paris, New York, Milan and London?


I think over the last 2 years Dubai has really become a fashion destination with so many amazing designers who are truly talented and it’s a shame their not given more attention!



How would you describe your personal style?


You know what, my style really depends on my mood – ranging from being chill and not dressing up, I mean I love sweats and sneakers. I would say my style is slightly androgynous where I am inspired by women’s style, in terms of what I’ll see women wearing and I will try and incorporate it into my look.



Who are some of your favourite up-incoming designers?


Arwa Al Bannawi and Madiyah Al Sharqi are truly amazing!



Who are your go-to designers?


Honestly for me, right now Off-White and Fear of God would be my favourite. I mean if you are going high-end I am really loving Louis Vuitton, Dior and Balenciaga, what they create is truly remarkable.



Name your favourite time-piece?


Shockingly I’m not into watches, I have a couple expensive watches, but I find them bulky. I mean I have friends who have collections of like million dollar watches but it’s just not me.



What is one item you couldn't live without?


If you’re talking about fashion items, it would be the classic Balmain Jacket. You can literally throw it with anything – it’s a go-to piece.



How would you define true luxury?


I feel like luxury is a status. It about maintaining a certain lifestyle. It is the highest peak of where you are going and being recognised.



You often travel for work and leisure. What would be your favourite trip to date?


My favourite trip would be Capri where one of my dear friends recently got married. With parties every night and boat trips to Positano, amazing friends and incredible memories.



Where to next?


In August I am going to South Africa, where I have been dying to go to. Tokyo is also on the list!



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