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Starting out modelling at age 13, Australian model Natalie Roser has proven to have had an exciting career thus far, making a name for herself back in 2014 when she was a finalist of Miss Universe Australia, before then going on to build her own international brand as a model, influencer, blogger, businesswoman and designer, launching her own fashion label and blog. We spoke exclusively with Roser discussing all things lifestyle and fashion:



Describe a day in the life of Natalie Roser


Ever-changing. Except breakfast is always the first thing on my mind. After that, I either go to work or start my day with some exercise before working through my checklist for the day. 



Tell us about how you got into modelling?


I started when I was 13, where I was scouted through a magazine model search competition. From there I was signed and started my modelling journey!



At what point did you then decide to make the transition from model to digital influencer and why?


For me it was never really a decision. I liked sharing my job with my small Instagram followers because I enjoyed taking images of what I was up to at work and then my followers grew and grew to the point where I started being offered opportunities based on my social media presence. I have always loved photography and creating digital content of me enjoying my life seems to have turned me into a digital influencer. 



Who are you most inspired by?


Currently I am loving watching women like Rosie Huntington-Whitley grow and build their own brands outside of modelling. For me, this has always been a goal and seeing them move through their careers so gracefully is really inspiring. 



How would you describe your fashion style?


My style is comfortable, fun, weather appropriate and highly flexible. I am constantly being introduced to new fashion ideas and don't have a set 'style vision' that I like to stick to. 



Tell us more about your recently launched fashion label "Roser"


I launched Roser, the Label less than a year ago and it has been one of my proudest achievements. It started as a range of rompers for young women and has now expanded in to swim pieces, t-shirts and a few accessories. It's a really fun creative outlet for me and the feedback has be really promising. My most valued feedback is from girls who are grateful for my torso sizing options with my rompers. Girls can choose their size and then also select their torso size as well. This is perfect for taller women or for women that have a longer body and don't fit regular rompers available in other stores. It’s been a very rewarding experience. 



Being such a busy businesswoman, model and designer how do you find balance between work and personal life?


The time I spend with friends and family is quality time. I always actively put my phone away when I'm out to lunch or on a date with my partner because I would expect the same from them. I manage to balance the two perfectly and find that my time management skills and a really helpful agent and management team help a lot.


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