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At just 17 years of age Los Angeles based Model, YouTuber and Globetrotter Neels Visser already has the world at his feet and now he is setting his sights on new horizons.




As Visser continues to conquer his career in Modelling, filmmaking, and his social media fame with over half a million instagram followers, he is determined to become America's next young entrepreneur. Visser believes by using such platforms he is able to promote his own personal brand as well as working collaboratively with like-minded creatives and businesses. As Visser continues to travel internationally on a whirlwind schedule he efforts to launch new videos and broaden his horizons, with hopes to expand his already immense following, proving to be a game changer as he uses humour and fun to engage modern audiences and targeted brands.   



Describe the day in the life of Neels Visser


This is a question I get asked a lot but never know how to answer. Fortunately I am blessed to be able to wake up and work on projects that inspire and excite me. No day is ever the same, but I often spend a day working on something that relates to another day's work. I also get to work closely with a lot of my friends and often find myself making new ones.



When and why did you decide to become a model?


I actually never decided to become a model; I was scouted by my sister’s agency when I was 14 years old. Being so young I was a little hesitant at first, as I was not really sure what I was getting myself into, but then realized starting a career at a young age could teach me so much, from creating a brand, making connections in selective industries, and even money management.



What are you currently inspired by?


I have been really interested in various types of art and design, so I have found myself inspired by it and especially the meanings behind it. Art inspires and teaches me to live for meanings, to find myself in the world, and to always be curious.



What do you believe sets Los Angeles apart, being your locality of choice?


Los Angeles is incredible and really special to me because there are so many creative people that come together to work on projects and turn ideas into reality. Everyday when I wake up there's an opportunity at my fingertips whether I think of it or someone comes to me with it. Aside from the opportunities there's always a lot of fun events and parties going on, so you can always be enjoying yourself.



Where is your all time favourite travel destination?


I have pretty much travelled the world; aside from a few places that I still want to go to, and to this day I think my favourite destination is New York City. Every time I go I feel like there's limitless ways to adventure and plenty of new faces to meet. Although I go fairly frequently it never fails to excite me.



Where would you like to go next?


I am traveling to Brazil in a few weeks with some friends to explore and film some really cool stuff, so I’m pretty amped about that, but when it comes to my next journey, I really want to go Dubai. It might sound kind of random but like I said my passion for art has opened my eyes in so many ways, and there's a huge industry for new innovative arts there so I think it will for sure be my next destination.



What made you decide to become a filmmaker?


I have always wanted to be behind a camera on the big screens, so when social media started blowing up and creating platforms for creative people to explore and be innovative. I decided the best way to achieve my long term goal of acting would be to film and act in short videos for social media platforms, which could ultimately help me get my name out there.



What current projects have you been working on recently?


Recently I have been devoting myself to become more of an entrepreneur, by focusing on the brand development and growth of my social media accounts as well as studying successful entrepreneurs. In social media I have been focusing a lot on doing photo-shoots and making cool and funny videos for my followers to enjoy and share with their friends. With guidance from my dad, a CEO of a medical security and dispensing company, I have been studying the skills of entrepreneurs, from pitching ideas, working in different markets of a business, and even international business relations.

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