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At 24 years of age, son of the legendary late designer Pakzad Bijan, Nicolas has taken on the immense task of continuing on the worlds most expensive store.




Located along one of the most exclsuive shopping boulevards in the world, Rodeo drive, features an elaborate Pallazzo style appointment only fashionwear store.  The intensely decadent showroom featuring chandeliers made from Bijan perfume bottles, marble adorned floors and priceless antiques and art throughout, is also the go-to destination for some of the worlds wealthiest.


Bijan is truly one of a kind. Housing the most coveted, rare and expensive fashion and accesories on the planet, trends prove to be irrelevant as Bijan clients seek to attain the highest quality product available. The Bijan

designs offer a timeless elegance and supreme caliber, featured in the closets of countless royals, presidents, celebrities, business moguls and billionaires.


Following the tragic death of his great father, Nicolas took up a mammoth task to lead the Bijan brand into an ever-changing economy. And that he has proved to be enormously successful, making his own mark on the 39 year old company, his father left him. 


In an ever changing luxury market, Nicolas has taken advantage of booms in the Middle East, China and Africa seeing Bijan spread globally with the opening of a second store in Dubai in the near future.


Nicolas proves to be a tastmaker in his very own right, opitimizing traditional luxe whilst offering a modern and customized style, appealing to a broad range of individuals and lifestyles internationally. The Bijan store offers an experience that goes beyond fashion, seeing collaborations form with equally prestigious brands including custom Bijan designed Bugatti Veyrons and Rolls Royce Phantoms and Coupes. Featuring paisley hoods and crocodile interior trimming, they are truly unique offering a new level of bespoke luxury.



When and how did the Bijan brand come about?


The House of Bijan was founded almost 40 years ago in the same location in which it stands today on beautiful Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The company was founded by the Late Mr. Bijan Pakzad and his long time friend Mr. Dar Mahboubi. The philosophy of the company has always been to create the highest quality and most exclusive menswear in the world, as well as providing our clients with the absolute best service. In creating the brands collections of “wearable art" Mr. Bijan always believed in quality over quantity and showing great attention to detail. When you combine these philosophies with the materials and colors found in each piece and most importantly the manner in which they are displayed; one can truly see what sets the Bijan brand apart from any other company in the world.



How have you decided to continue the great legacy of your father?


My father, Mr. Bijan, was a perfectionist, visionary, and above all else he had a great love for his work; because of this he garnered the praise and admiration of millions of people around the world. Over the years Mr. Bijan inspired many of the people around him to learn his techniques and continue his legacy. The philosophies upon which the company was founded are still very much alive today; in continuing as well as growing his legacy we continue to incorporate all the same core values as the last 39 years of the company. The absolute highest quality materials are sourced from around the world and then crafted by hand in Italy. These garments are all “limited edition” meaning we only make one or two of a single piece. Furthermore, we continue to innovate and create new products and collaborations to meet the desires of all our clients.


What makes Bijan unique?


The Bijan brand goes above and beyond in everything from creating the collections of "wearable art” to displaying it. These items are displayed by color on beautiful antique’s surrounded by fresh flowers and limited edition accessories. The House of Bijan is not a self-service boutique where one can take something off a rack and try, from the moment one enters the boutique they have to complete attention of the Bijan staff to meet their needs. I do not believe there is another brand in the world that spends the amount of time, energy, or expense on every single garment made. Furthermore, we always attempt to go above and beyond for every single client, wherever in the world they may be. 



Why do you believe some of the worlds most successful people choose to shop at Bijan?


Respectfully, we dress some of the worlds most powerful men (and women!). These men and women also happen to be some of the most brilliant, cultured, and demanding people in the world. Many of our clients have been wearing Bijan for longer than I have been alive and now we even have the honor and pleasure of dressing their children and grandchildren. However, in the last five years we have seen many younger clients, coming from China, the Middle East, Africa, and all around the world. These clients new and old expect nothing less than perfection, Therefore we must always strive for perfection in not only our products but also providing the Bijan experience. 


Define luxury?





Where is your all time favourite travel destination and why?


I love to go to Italy and visit our factories.  This is something I’ve done since I was very young and continue to do today.



Where to next?


We are in the process of opening our first boutique outside the United States in Dubai!

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