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Located on Sydney’s iconic Finger Wharf is the classic lunch spot, Otto Ristorante, offering a new must-try Summer Menu.




Determined to provide only the finest local produce, Executive Chef Richard Ptacnik has worked with some of Europe’s great chefs in Berlin, Switzerland and his native Prague before moving to Australia and joining OTTO in 2003 where he worked as James Kidman’s sous chef for five years, assuming the role of head chef in late 2009.


Such influencers have seen Richard serve up unashamedly simple modern Italian based on the classics. This style of cooking has led the Richard and his team to develop a series of unique summer-inspired dishes including share plates such as the San Daniele prosciutto served with David Blackmore bresaola, pane carasau as well as the Eastern Rock Lobster Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic and brandy and for dessert lovers, one cannot go past the splendid Lemon Meringue Tart featuring fresh local blueberries and sudachi sorbet.


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