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With an impressive wardrobe of designer looks and an international following, 25-year-old French blogger Caroline of Pardon my Obsession proves to be an innovator as she travels the world sharing her experiences to destinations including Cannes, London and Rome. 

Describe a regular day


A regular day usually starts at 7 am with a tea, then I check Instagram and my mails. I wave my boyfriend goodbye, then I wait for the postman to deliver my packages and then i’m off to some meetings. After that, I go see some friends, then I take some pictures for Instagram and my blog. These days, I skip the events, and go straight to my new place, as I’m redecorating. Then I prepare my post for the following day, order some sushi or Italian for dinner, and if I’m not too tired, we watch a movie. 

How would you describe french fashion?


French fashion is very under the radar, very chic, not attracted to trends but rather personal style. French women hate colors, they love their neutrals and basics, but can be super glamorous once in a while.


What are you currently inspired by?


I’m inspired by all the new emerging designers that have this amazing vision : Ellery, Vêtements, Marques’ Almeida, Ronald van der Kamp... All are very different, but the future of fashion is so exciting !

Where is your all time favourite travel destination?


I love London. It’s close to Paris, and I love its energy, its fashion, its culture. I go there at least four times a year, and I’d love to live there someday.

Where to next?


I’m going to LA in the beginning of July, and I am beyond excited as I’ve never been. I’m sure it will be fantastic, and I can’t wait !


What five items are you coveting?


A Vêtements pair of jeans, a Gucci Dionysus bag, Gucci loafers, a Self Portrait dress, and a Maison Michel straw hat.

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