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Held at Avalon Airport in Victoria a Tesla Model S raced by V8 Supercar driver Tony d'Alberto went head to head against a Qantas 737-800 Boeing Jet. 


Launching the new partnership between Tesla Motors and Qantas, the event marked a collaboration which will see all new Tesla buyers receieve complimentary Qantas Club Membership and Qantas Frequent flyers accordingly will gain access to exclusive events showing off the extraordinary technology of the eco-advanced car. Furthermore Tesla Charging stations will become active at Qantas Valet across the country catering to the rise in luxury electric motor vehicles.  The Tesla S took a significant lead showcasing its impressive power, recognised as the fastest four door salon in the world, however as it hit its maximum speed of 250km/h the Qantas 737, 10km/h faster hit 140 knots launching itself into the lead and taking first place. 



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