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At 120 feet long the sleek Quantum Super Yacht proves to be turning heads in yachting circles with a luxurious interior designed by the acclaimed interior designers Hare + Klein.




Transforming the vessel into the ultimate home away from home, Sydney based designers Meryl Hare and Victoria Cybulski both brought esteemed knowledge to the drawing board when commissioned to revitalise the yacht’s interior. Hare with an envied award-winning portfolio of residential and commercial projects and Cybulski with a long held career specialising in Super Yacht design in Europe, the pair joined forces to design a yacht suiting its owners needs as well as catering to regular charters.  Hare states, “The brief was to create a luxurious, sophisticated and refined interior in keeping with its sleek envelope. Furniture was custom designed to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate both private charters and larger functions, whilst remaining glamorous and sophisticated”.


The interior deeply embodying the sleek lines and forms of the yacht's haul, incorporates dark and rich chocolate features enhanced by the juxtaposition of the lighter grey and white tones and the gleaming light of the blues of the ocean reflected within the large windows. The indoor/outdoor flow is seamless enabling the owners and guests to dine, relax and work intimately whilst enjoying individual space and privacy.


What are you currently inspired by?


The amazing diversity of the work we are doing and the travel we undertake.



When designing the interior of a yacht what considerations come into effect?


Apart from the elements of design that come into play in all interior projects, there are also the challenges of working on a vessel such as the physical movement of the yacht, impact of the elements, reflection of the water, the contours - unique to yachts, the technical and compliance requirements and the concealment of air-conditioning, sound systems, fire extinguishers etc. 



What would you say all Hare + Klein Interiors have in common?


I hope that there isn’t a strong Hare + Klein signature, as it’s not about us, it’s about our clients.  Still there however is an aesthetic mood that comes from consistent thinking in our design philosophy, such as; generously proportioned furniture, comfort of all the senses, more than just the physical comfort, it’s about lighting, colour and space, Texture is one of our essential ingredients, with the use of tonal colour.  We design interiors that exude warmth, are contemporary, not hard edged, with a sense of ease.



What other projects do you currently have underway this year?


We are working on beautiful homes in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and London as well as a country boutique hotel.



Define Luxury


Luxury is comfort - of all the senses!

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