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With a bold series of exotic statement pieces, we spoke exclusively with Quella Jeweller and Designer Rebecca Tilley about her current collection and all things lifestyle.



What made you decide to become a Jewellery Designer?


My Grandmother had a beautiful collection of vintage statement pieces that I was constantly immersed in. This fascination opened up a love of all things sartorial, and after some years studying and working in the industry I found the knowledge and confidence to be creative with some of my own jewellery designs and Quella came to life from there. 



What is the current collection inspired by?


The Arlo collection is inspired by bright lights and big cities. I wanted to create luxe statement pieces that made the wearer feel amazing and ready to take on the town. The mix of sparkling Swarovski crystals and intricate yet feminine shapes give equal parts glam and edge to each piece. 



What items could you not live without?


Being from Melbourne I am a boots girl, so I would have to say that my favorite pair of Chloé boots are my go accessory. I am rarely seen without a pair of statement earrings on and my IPhone is never far from reach. 



Where is your all time favorite destination and why?


Turkey would have to be my all time favorite. Istanbul is such a magical city filled with culture, fashion and food. A hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia's fairy chimney rock formations was an amazing personal experience, and swimming in the crystal blue waters off the coast is a must. 



Where to next?


Next is a relaxing holiday in beautiful Fiji later in the year, but New York City is always calling, so there are plans to get back there as soon as possible.


Coming up next for Quella - I am really excited to release a capsule collection of statement earrings mid year!

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